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I have seen many bloggers, myself included, switching from blogger to WordPress recently.  WordPress just has so many more functions than blogger does and can handle the design elements a lot of the larger bloggers need. 

My dear friend IRL and the reason I started blogging was because of Shannon from Eightcrazy Designs.  Not only is she one of my good friends but she is also my blog designer.


She is now one of the theme designers for Studio Press which is where a lot of you have purchased your WordPress themes from.  She just debuted her first theme, Blissful Child Theme.


Both my sites (Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Décor) use Shannon’s Blissful Child Theme as its bones. Of course all themes are customizable with different color headers, post title images, and design to suit your style.  Also once you purchase a theme you have access to their support forum with specific tutorials for the Blissful Theme.

But looking at both of my sites gives you an idea of customization.  I am just so stinking proud of Shannon that I had to give her a shout-out.  I hope you will check out her new theme for your blogging design.

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  1. It’s almost 2am and I just ran across THIS post because I am debating on switching from WordPress to Blogger. I have a personal blog on blogger and Flippin Factory on WP so that I can see the difference between the two. I’ve been driving myself crazy about this decision – to switch or not.

    I LOVE WP but I am such a DIYer at heart. I’ve been studying WP for the last week and I’m exhausted. The moment I have the funds to hire someone to do this for me, I will.

    8 Crazy Designs was one of my first stops!!
    Thank you for telling us about 8CD.


  2. You are welcome. The switch to WP is scary but so worth it in the end. Since you have a site on WP you know that. Shannon is the best. All her designs are so rich. I love each one.

  3. Would you be interested in doing a post for the pros and cons of the different blogging templates? While everyone and their mother seemed to be switching to WordPress a while back, I was interested that you stayed with Blogger (I didn’t know that a switch was in the works!). It encouraged me to stick with Blogger because you’ve been doing it for so long, so it had to be good, right? 😉 I was surprised when you switched, and it took a bit for me to get used to this new design (although it looks beautiful!), but I am curious as to the details as to what makes WordPress so fabulous.

    I don’t know if I’ll switch…I’m loving that I finally seem to “get” Blogger and am able to edit the html and insert my own designs, so trying to figure this out on a new platform makes me nervous! And I don’t want to pay anyone- I want to BE the person people are paying one of these days! LOL. Maybe I should learn about it after all….
    Thanks for listening:)

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