I had a vision the minute I saw this baby at a yard sale last season. With the $.50 price tag I knew it had to be mine. Well I finally got around to blingin’ it up! Plus I got to use my three favorite mediums: spray paint, Modge Podge and resin!

I went through my stash of scrapbook paper and pulled out a few that went with the decor in my kitchen and living room (red, black, white and robin’s egg blue).

Then I had to do math. Scary. I wanted there to be 25 rectangles on the tray (5 rectangles in length x 5 rectangles in width). The tray itself was 20″ long x 12″ wide. I wanted 1/8″ in between each rectangle on all sides. So I took 20″ – 6/8″( because there was 6 –1/8″ spaces) and got 19 1/4″. Then I divided that by 5 (rectangles) and got 3.85″ and then I did the same thing with the 12 inches. 12″ – 6/8″ (because there was 6 — 1/8″ spaces) = 11.25″. Then I took that number and divided it by 5 (rectangles) and got 2.25″. So each rectangle measured 2.25″ by 3.85″. Are you confused yet? Yes? Good. Just wing it if math ain’t your thing.

Anyway I cut 20 of those and then laid them in place to see how I liked them. After I configured it to my liking I wrote it down so I didn’t have to recreate it again.

Then I sanded all the wood down with 120-grit sandpaper and wiped it clean. Then I taped off the white tray part with newspaper and blue painter’s tape.

Then with American Accents Canyon Black Spray Paint (are you so sick of me saying that??) I gave her a good “once over.”

After she was dry I took a foam brush and some Modge Podge and slathered the back of each piece of paper. Then with my brayer I smoothed out all the bubbles.

HINT: If you ever get bubbles in your modge podge and want to cry get a brayer. You will not cry anymore. It will stick perfectly flat with no bubbles. Just burnish it using a lot of pressure.

I put a layer of Modge Podge over each piece of paper to seal them so the resin wouldn’t discolor it. I had a few spots that I did not Modge Podge well enough. If I were to do this again I would have done two coats of Modge Podge just to be sure they were well sealed.

I worked from left to right, then up, then over, then down and then filled in the middle pieces. I worked semi-fast pressing the pieces down and then spacing them like I liked and then burnishing them down with a brayer.

Then I mixed Envirotex Lite according to the package directions. Like I have said before about this stuff: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY ON THIS. It is kinda pricey to just wing it and you have to mix it SUPER well. Then I poured it all over the tray spreading it out with a plastic knife to all sides.

When you use this medium you have to babysit it for an hour or so to get all the bubbles out. Every 10 minutes I would walk by it and take a lighter and sway it over the top where the bubbles arose to pop them. You could also use your hot breath to pop them but I prefer a lighter. I don’t want to get my nose any closer to that stuff than I have to.

Let it sit for 24 hours and then admire it. The Envirotex Lite gives it a glasslike look and makes it G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!

I was going to use it for a laptop tray but I think it is too pretty for that. It would look great in my kitchen with some cutesy canisters on it or something. I don’t know yet. But it will get used. All the stuff I had from leftover projects so this literally cost me $.50. Amazing transformation wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Wow, great job. I hope you are served breakfast in bed on Saturday morning.

  2. Wow…that is beautiful! I love that you can take the average and make it extraordinary!

  3. That is awesome! So when you put the layer of modge over it when it’s done, no bubbles pop up? That’s what I’m concerned about — my paper always looks good when I glue it on and then when I put a layer on TOP, the bubbles appear. I’m going to try my project this weekend. I HATE BUBBLES!! :)This turned out soooo cool.

  4. ok…so this is the deal…i have the exact same tray. i was wondering…can i get your address…i would love for you to do mine. of course, i will send the paper with.

  5. Gorgeous!! You did kind of lose me on all the math stuff, but that’s okay…I married an engineer and he’s good at that stuff. 😉

    ~ Sarah

  6. I don’t know how you do it but you are so talented!! I love this!!

  7. It’s so pretty! I never would have seen any great future for it at that yard sale.
    By the way congrats, you won a pair of earrings on my giveaway, let me know which ones you like and what colors!

  8. Yes, I love it!
    I love that resin, it is just sooo smelly!
    but totally worth it…:)

  9. One of my most favorite projects you have done yet to date – beautiful – your home colors are so fun.

  10. Super cute! I wanted to point out though that there are 25 squares and not 20. 🙂

  11. Wow…I LOVE THAT! I have a couple of those at my house that are aching for a transformation!

  12. Ellen…wow you are sharp. Thanks for pointing it out. I corrected it.

  13. Love this! I’m going to feature this in my Saturday Shout-Outs post tomorrow, hope that’s okay!

  14. That looks great! I love it…the fancy black and white paper is the same as I’ve used in a couple of my projects! Love it!

    Thanks for linking up!


  15. You have it bad girl. I’ve never seen a more crafting lady. Your stuff is great. Can I come over sometime and get some tips on thie Modge Podge stuff…you are introducing me to a new world…a world which I likee…

  16. Great CHEAP transformation. I tried that epoxy stuff one time about 6 years ago.. Turned out B.A.D. I’m scared of that stuff!

  17. found your blog through kim’s shoutout, happy to meet you. Your makeover on the tray is fantastic and for 50 cents, cant beat that.

  18. oh my gosh…YOU ARE KILLIN ME! I have two of those sittin’ in my pantry! How about you fly out and do that project for me!

  19. This is such a great idea. I love how it turned out, it is gorgeous! I have one of these trays in my storage room. I’ll be digging it out and transforming it-thanks for the idea!!

  20. I wouldn’t have thought to add a layer of resin. Your tray turned out great! I love the different scrapbook patterns you put together!

  21. It’s gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing the how-to! I’ll be linking.

  22. I am making a rendition of your breakfast tray, but how much envirotex do i use? they have 4oz and 8oz and whatnots. i just don't want to buy a whole bunch and not use it.

  23. It would be awesome to treat yourself on a tray created by oneself. It looks cute

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