bird baby shower

A Bird and Branches Baby Shower is always a great idea! Even more if it is in the lovely Autumn period.

Natural elements like bird, branches, old wood, burlap, etc.  If that is something that appeals to you, keep reading.

You might have your best friend soon needing a Baby Shower and I promise you’ll get really inspired.

How to Decorate the Food Table

For the food table, lay a white tablecloth on top and then topped it with a burlap runner. 

TIP: To get this on a budget, purchase burlap by the yard and then fray the edges by pulling some strings.

bird and branches baby shower

DIY Centerpiece

Go on a walk and find some branches curbside and arrange them into a vase you might already have. 

Then rubberband the bottoms together and spray paint them white.


Next cut out leaf shapes from some wax paper and hot glued them on the branches. 

Tie burlap and brown ribbon around the vase and you’ll have yourself a completely free centerpiece to added height to the food table.

white tree centerpiece
DIY Centerpiece

DIY Apothecary Jars

Get hold of some glass jars as well as some candlestick holders from Dollar Tree and used some E6000 glue to make some apothecary jars.

Fill them with mini donuts or any other sweet treat of your choice.

Add the burlap and brown ribbon to those as well.

wood place card holders

DIY Place Card Holders

One of the adorable elements on the table are these DYI branch place card holders (full tutorial here). 

Then use some brown cardstock and write the food items on it.

bird and branches baby shower food
DIY Place Card Holders

TIP: You can also use it as a perch for any Dollar Tree items you can find that are appropriate for the Autumn theme or a Baby Shower.

bird baby shower
Dollar Tree Bird

Baby Shower Muffins

A quick and cheap option but also spectacular are these DYI muffins.

Cover some noodles in chocolate and then add three jelly beans to make them look like nests. 

Then add those to the top of store bought cupcakes.

bird nest cupcakes
bird nest cucpakes

Drinking Station

Get hold of a Starbucks-to-go pack, water bottles with burlap and ribbon and punch make the drinking station complete.

bird and branches drinking  station
Drinking Station

What To Do In a Baby Shower?

One amazing idea is to decorate baby onesies.

Whether you have an amazing craft room that can accommodate a bunch of people or not, there is always a way.

Set up a crafting station on the floor or get hold of these foldable tables for the occasion. You’ll end up using them a lot.

decorating onesies baby shower
monogrammed onsie
Baby Onesie

painted onesies

While the décor is a very important part of a Baby Shower party, crafting (as I usually say) bring people together.

Another plus point, at the end of it, the future Mom will have a bunch of adorable hand painted onesies for her future baby.

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  1. The buffet is awesome! Love your simplicity–really cute ideas. My favorite is that you got to use your amazing craft room to do all the onesie crafting! How awesome was that? Perhaps something you didn’t think of right away when thinking of all the uses for your room! It is so great to have such close friends near you-what a treat! Crazy how that all worked out!

  2. Thanks, Kristin. I love how it all came together, and it is so true that there is a lot of beauty in the simple things. I already adore my new craft space, and it was all sweeter filled with my friends! Thanks for reading!

  3. What a wonderful look for a shower! I really like that you made a simple topper for those store bought cupcakes to tie them into the theme, such a time saver! Can’t wait to see how you made those branch place card holders.

  4. Thank you f or opening your home to loved ones and friends, and showing us how you did it. I’m afraid we are losing this “art” and I hope you will inspire others to invite friends over to share life together.

  5. How perfectly wonderful! The decor, everything! I love how you tied everything together.

    You know those ‘ideas’ you have, that you keep on the back burner, in the back of your mind? Yeah, those. Me + onesies + baby showers. Think ‘package deal’ for gals to decorate. It’s been percolatin’ for about, oh, 8 years now. I’m so happy to see that you just went ahead and DID IT! lol.

  6. Love, love, love the decorations! And decorating onesies is a great idea. The apothecary jars are great too — I have admired them, but not wanted to put out the dollars; however, decorating my own would be much more fun. I am ready to shop. Watch out dollar store and someplace that has those jars. I have some very pretty ribbon I bought on clearance.

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