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Yes, I know I have a mild obsession with pillows! Does anyone share in this love with me?  I can’t help it. It is just a simple, easy and inexpensive way to change a room up, add some color or some some festivity to your home for a holiday.  I made a personalized bird and banner pillow for my daughter’s bed.  Believe it or not, she has NO decorative pillows on her bed.  Momma bird had to change that!

bird pillow

Pin ItWell let’s begin and I will show you how I made this pillow with fabric scraps and a pillow cover from IKEA.


Ritva Pillow cover from IKEA

Blue, pink and brown fabric

Silhouette Cameo machine

silhouette Cameo 24” mat

Silhouette Clean Cut Fabric interfacing

iron and ironing board

sewing machine with coordinating thread.


1.  When you use a plain pillow cover, such as the Ritva one from IKEA ($7) it makes creating pillows so easy because you don’t have to sew if you don’t want to.  Unfortunately, I only have the one that came 20” x 20”.  So I cut mine down to make it a 14” x 20” and had to sew one side to make it the right size – so obviously there was some sewing involved in making the pillow the right size for this project.

2.  Next I purchased the Birds Banner by Alaa’ K in the Silhouette Studio store.  Then I sized it for my pillow.

bird banner

3.  I cut out the blue fabric I needed and then ironed on the clean cut fabric interfacing on the back. Using the brand new 24” mat (now available!!!) from Silhouette I adhered the fabric onto it.  Then I set the Cameo to cut fabric and chose a double cut to make sure I got a nice clean cut.  I then cut out the pink for the double banner and then brown for the letters.

silhouette larger mat

4.  Then one at a time starting with the birds and banner, then the double banner, then the letters I iron them onto the pillow cover.  This is an impossibly easy project with great results.


Then I just stuck a lumbar pillow insert from IKEA ($3) into it and placed it on her bed.





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  1. That came out awesome. I wish I had the new cameo. I have the Silhouette SD which I only got last year, only a few months before they came out with the cameo. Rats!!

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