Big Boy Glider Remake

My mom found this cute glider that is “Isaac-sized” at a church sale last year. I was so grateful she bought it. The honey color matches his furniture perfectly. I want to make this corner a little reading nook for him. However, the fabric on the cushions was AWFUL. It feels like burlap and looks like something from a 1970’s double-wide trailer (sorry if you have this pattern and love it).

Last time I reupholstered a glider I did not show you the process. So I thought I would take you along this time.

1. I got out these…

2. I picked up the nasty cushion and started to rip the seams apart…

3. And I found this inside…At this point you could cut new foam if it is in bad shape. However, this was doable and it is a kid’s chair that he will outgrew soon enough.

4. Here is the top cushion. Since the foam was a lot thinner than the glider I redid for Kayla’s room I was able to sew the same line in it. However, on the other glider I did had too thick of foam to sew through on my machine. I used fabric covered buttons and I hand-sewed them on and pulled the string through the back of the cushion and tied it off. It also gave that tufted look.

5. Some of you are going to cringe at this next part. I cut apart Isaac’s baby comforter. Now before you get all sentimental on me…a) he never once used it b) we actually hung it on his wall as decoration 3) he is a boy and probably will not be disappointed that I did not keep it in tact. Moving on…

6. Then I cut the ties off of his baby bumper…(more cringing)

7. Then I pinned the nasty fabric pieces to his bedding and cut it out…

8. I was not too concerned about placement, I was more concerned about getting all four pieces cut out of the fabric.

9. With right sides together I sewed the three sides together leaving the bottom opened. I then replaced the cushion and tucked under the bottom edges and sewed it shut. Then I sewed on the ties. Lastly, I sewed that middle part. I just felt the indentations and tried to sew straight enough. As you can tell, it wasn’t totally straight.

Whatcha think??? Better huh?

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