Big Boy Bed Desk Chair

Since I finished painting Isaac’s bunk beds in November I have been looking for a chair for his desk. I could not find anything that would work.

My chair qualifications were:
1. That it had a pad to reupholster
2. That it was less than $5
3. That is was solid wood
4. That is was smaller than a kitchen chair.

I found this at a yard sale this past weekend…

for this…

It worked! I used the fabric from Isaac’s old diaper stacker. Yes! I plan to use up every square inch of his old baby bedding. LOL! You know how I feel about that! After I cleaned out a spider family from the crevices, (yes… I am serious) I used some leftover paint from the beds and some foam I bought at a yard sale for $.50 and got to work.

It came out looking like this..

Perfect! After Isaac’s nap I brought it up to his room and said I had a surprise for him. He exclaimed, “Oh wow! Now I can climb on that to get on top of my desk to climb up to the top bunk!” No…that is not what I had in mind.