Since I finished painting Isaac’s bunk beds in November I have been looking for a chair for his desk. I could not find anything that would work.

My chair qualifications were:
1. That it had a pad to reupholster
2. That it was less than $5
3. That is was solid wood
4. That is was smaller than a kitchen chair.

I found this at a yard sale this past weekend…

for this…

It worked! I used the fabric from Isaac’s old diaper stacker. Yes! I plan to use up every square inch of his old baby bedding. LOL! You know how I feel about that! After I cleaned out a spider family from the crevices, (yes… I am serious) I used some leftover paint from the beds and some foam I bought at a yard sale for $.50 and got to work.

It came out looking like this..

Perfect! After Isaac’s nap I brought it up to his room and said I had a surprise for him. He exclaimed, “Oh wow! Now I can climb on that to get on top of my desk to climb up to the top bunk!” No…that is not what I had in mind.

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  1. Good job, once again! It looks adorable painted to match his bed. And, I’m glad you’re getting so much use out of my “baby Isaac” gift!!

  2. hey…i laughed when i opened my present!!! you gift reminded me that you love me. and i put some newer pics of emree up on my blog. love you!!!

  3. Cute – turned out great….again, I am inspired because my daughter’s desk chair is still u.g.l.y. brown and her desk is….white. Hmmmmm….I have work to do! B:)

  4. Boys are so funny! He probably would’ve wanted you to leave the spider family for a little bit too.

    It looks great! Fab job (as usual.)

  5. Seriously, I was thinking this morning: “I wonder if I could get her to come re-do some stuff at my house.” YOU ARE SO GOOD! Do you have super patience to get everything perfect, or is it just that you are SO good?!

  6. LOL!! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂 I love the way his mind works.

    I picked up a curbside chair today, so I’m hoping my transformation comes out as well… after I clean off the cobwebs and buy some foam and fabric and paint!

  7. That is perfect – don’t you just LOOOOOVE finding chairs at thrift stores and making them look like the $75 Pottery Barn catalogue choice. It looks fab !

  8. What a boy thing to say! Of course my girls are climbers too, so they may have thought of the same thing HAHA!

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