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I got the opportunity to spruce up my guest room courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens and Wal-Mart.   It was the perfect month to do this since we have 3 sets of guests coming this month.   I showed you yesterday the sad state my guest room was in prior to the little remodel.


Then I decided to add a focal wall of molding and some Stonewall Jackson Gray paint from Dutch Boy to the room. It totally changed the look of the space and it is such an inviting place now.   I am far from done…and I need your opinion to help finish the room.

But first here is the bedding I chose.   It is Garden Elegance Coverlet with matching Shams.   It has a light cream background with gray and black thread running through it with a light gray edging.



I was also able to keep the end table that I remade previously here since it was painted gray with a black glaze.   Now I know I need pillows, accessories, art and some more furniture in the room.   Here is where I need your help…


What accent color would you choose with my gray, cream and black bedroom?









All of the above pictures are from a site called Design Seeds.   Jessica provides an awesome site to look for color combos from your blog design, room makeovers or outfit selections.

For a chance to win $100 please cast your vote and then leave me a comment that says “I voted.”   One of you will win a $100 gift card to Wal-mart just for voting.

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  1. I voted purple. I love yellow and gray, but I think the purple would be a fun change from the norm. 🙂

  2. I wanted to vote for every color, but went for coral…so fun that accent colors can change on a whim 🙂

  3. Love the bedding! I’m looking to use similar colors in my MB but I’m looking to use a gray blue on the walls with blue accents. But I voted for the coral.

  4. I voted. My initial thought was “yellow!” but maybe yellow and grey are done together too frequently. So I chose purple. I think it will look fantastic.

  5. I VOTED!!!
    I’ve always liked yellow with grey….
    Not the SHOCKING flourescent yellow..
    but a softer warmer yellow to sooth the coolness of the grey..
    any of the colors would be beautiful..
    why not incorporate flowers of the many hues into the accessories,,
    or botanical prints of those flowers…
    it all depends on the light in the room..
    which way it is situated in relation to sunrises/sunsets..
    can hardly wait for the reveal!!
    warmest hugs..

  6. I voted:) I could use some extra $ For Christmas and 8 year old’s B-day 5 days after Christmas! Hope I win:) By the way I did vote yellow…but I really liked the purple too!

  7. I voted!

    I love either the yellow just to brighten it up or the purple for the moodiness of it.

  8. I voted. I love, love, love the coral color. Some pillows in a few of the coral tones, and some other simple accessories in those colors , when combined with the gray and cream tones, will make the room enchanting. How about a bouquet of coral flowers, or autumn leaves or a wall print with the coral tones? I love room makeovers!

  9. I voted for purple simply because it is my favorite color and I think it would go well with the gray.

  10. I voted! Coral because it’s warm & inviting, flatters skintones, and will make your guests feel at home!

  11. I voted! Coral. Because it’s warm & inviting, flatters skintones, & will make your guests feel at home!

  12. I voted for purple. I know that grey and yellow are really “in” right now, but I LOVE that plum shade of purple you have pictured. I think it would look more peaceful and elegant than the “trendy” yellow & grey. This is reminding me that I have been neglecting our guest room and need to go make some decisions in there as well.

  13. I voted. Hard to choose between the coral and the purple – gotta pick just the right shade of each or it’s gonna look yuck! Then again, I’ve seen alot of yellow and gray “stuff” out there too…..Can’t wait to see which one you pick. BTW, the wall is GORGEOUS… Way to Go!

  14. I voted! Coral I am getting ready to move and we are planning our teen daughters new bedroom look! Doing the gray, white with a soft pink! I love the look!

  15. I voted!!! You can’t miss with any of your choices, but I bet the color I chose will win! 🙂

  16. I voted! I think it needs to stay kind of neutral, coral and purple are too girly and you don’t want to make your male guests uncomfortable. My fav is yellow!

  17. I voted!

    I thought for sure I’d pick my favorite yellow and gray combo, but the deep purple won me over!

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coverlet you picked!! Im so Jealous!!! Ive had my eye on that!! I would totally go with yellow…yellow and grey together are my favorite!! I also LOVE the molding wall!!! I want to move in with you!!!

  19. I voted! It was really difficult, because usually I love grey and creamy yellow, but the coral was just speaking to my heart 🙂

  20. I Voted the Yellow…Yellow and Grey are my Favorite Combo…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coverlet you picked!! Im SO Jealous….Ive had my eye on that!! I also LOVE the molding wall!! I wanna be your guest!!! Thank You!!!

  21. I voted…..I am LOVING yellow right now and plan to do my bedroom in the same colors in the very near future 🙂

  22. I voted!

    I voted for purple. A bright red would be great too. Lively bright colors against the gray would make that space pop.

  23. I VOTED!

    I feel like the purple or red is the safe color choice — and you are SO NOT the kind of person to go with “safe” color! I really like the yellow and gray I see around these days, but I think the coral would add the right amount of color but maintain a soothing and restful feel to the room.

  24. I voted! RED, RED, RED!!! Red is my pick, but it’s my very favorite color! (Actually, you picked 4 great optioins, you really can’t go wrong!) Best of luck!

  25. I voted. I stepped out of my comfort zone o this. My first instinct was red but then I thought about it more and decided to go against the norm with purple!

  26. I voted! At first I thought I’d pick coral, because I love using it in my home, but I’m really digging on the purple color story. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing.

  27. I voted! I normally love gray and yellow right now, but that particular purple is stunning for that room!

  28. Voted!!! Yellow 🙂 Grey and yellow is my total fave color combo lately !!

  29. I voted! I voted for coral, because I thought with all the cool neutrals, a bright coral would be a nice pop of color! 🙂

  30. I voted! I really love the yellow and I hope I can do the same to my bedroom! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  31. Wow, Beckie!!! I really really like that bedding, and the room is looking great. 🙂 I’m a fan of WalMart’s BH&G line…they have some really lovely pieces and so affordable. 🙂

  32. I voted…I’m looking for new bedding right now and am thinking of going with grey and yellow. I love that combination. Yellow is my newest favorite…I recently painted all of our entry doors yellow and our house has grey siding with white trim.

  33. I voted. Initially I thought corals but the more I looked I think purple would be spectacular.

  34. I voted coral, which surprised me. Looking at that final picture of your guest room and picturing each color in there, coral was definitely the winner for me. Yellow was a close second (red seemed too predictable and purple seemed too dark). I hesitated with coral since it’s not a relaxing color for a bedroom…but then I realized that you don’t want your guests to settle in TOO much, right? ;D

  35. I voted yellow! It’s what I have in my guest room! LOL! However, I have also used black and gray in the pillows in a floral pattern with a punch of coral….It looks wonderful.
    MCF’s Mimi

  36. I voted for the purple. Since it is a bedroom, I think the coolness of the purple would be more relaxing than the other choices. Although I do like the coral as well.

  37. I voted. I love grey with yellow, but I was really feeling the wine in the purple section. Can’t wait to see how it comes together!

  38. I voted for purple, specifically the 3rd or 4th one from the left. i like yellow, but your guests may not like a screaming yellow. though maybe its a little more gender neutral than purple.

  39. I voted for yellow. A small yellow bouquet of flower would be a beautiful pop of color on the nightstand.

  40. I voted 🙂
    Our spare bedroom could use a re-do, we are recovering from a leak right now and it’s not looking too pretty!

  41. I voted! The room looks great & I love the grey! I voted for red because I think it is a classic. I almost voted for purple because I think it is such a hot color right now, but red won out because I thought it may have wider appeal with your guests? Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  42. I voted. I think that Purple would look Stunning with the colors which you have already!! It would look too Beautiful in your Lovely Home.

  43. I voted for purple. It looks rich and warm and soothing! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    mybabyblessings AT gmail DOT com

  44. I voted! My guest bath is done in white, black, gray walls and red accents. I love it. But, I think for your guest bedroom, I like the yellow…..bring some sunshine into your guests’ stay!!
    Regardless of what color you choose—-I know that the room will look amazing when you’re done with it!! 🙂

  45. I voted for coral even though I’m not the biggest fan of the orange family. I think it will look fabulous against the grey, although I think all the colors will look wonderful. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  46. I voted! I think yellow would be lovely! it would add just a bit of fun color in the room but still keep it mellow for sleeping. And its the combo I have in our master bedroom 😉

  47. I voted…I just finished my office with gray, white and yellow..a little black accent here and there.

  48. Although my favorite color is purple and I love the yellow & gray combo I just couldn’t resist voting for coral for the bedroom. Can’t wait to see the end result.

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