I have decided to give you my “Top 10” before & after pictures. Ready?

10. Magazine rack. I found it for a quarter at a yard sale and made it over to match my decor.

It is amazing what a little black spray paint (Canyon Black, of course) and some new fabric can do. Click here for more information.magrack 9. Mirror for Kayla’s room. I found this for $5 at a yard sale and and spray painted it and distressed it for that “chippy, antique”
look. I love the girly, swirly shape of it.

Every time I wake Kayla up I hold her and she looks into the mirror and I say “Who is that pretty girl?” and she smiles. Click here for more information.


8. Big Boy to Baby Girl Rocker. This was my first attempt at reupholstering a piece of furniture. Click here for my information.

rocker 7. I got this vintage chair for $20 at a Salvation Army. I remade it over to have a little “wow” factor in my guest bedroom. Click here for more information.


6. I got this beat up bunk bed set for $25 at a local thrift store. After putting about an additional $75 into it, this made for a perfect bed for my son transitioning into a big boy room. Click here for more information.

BED 5. Chandelier. I got this for $10 off of Craigslist and it added the perfect bling to Kayla’s room. A chandelier fit for a princess. Click here for more information.


4. Refinishing my bedroom suite was my first stripping and refinishing project. I literally spent 40+ hours sanding, stripping, staining, and sealing this dresser. I had this set growing up as a little girl so it is sentimental to me. After 10 moves it had taken a beating and was one step away from the trash. Now I hope to have it forever. Click here for more information.bedsuite 3. My Roadkill Rescue puppet theater I get to enjoy daily as I watch my son and daughter play “Snack Shop” behind it. Click here for more information.


2. My lamp makeover. I got that ugly thing for $5 at a yard sale and truly turned it into one of my favorite masterpieces. I turn this lamp on everyday and I smile every time I do. Click here for more information.

lamprefab 1. And my very favorite before & after has to be my kitchen. For a mere $216 I turned my kitchen from drab and dated to updated and GORGEOUS! I get to enjoy this space everyday, all day! Click here for more information.

kitchen Thanks for coming along for my brag session 🙂 I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. These are great!!! I'd love to get my act together and participate, but right now all I have are Before and After Halloween costumes. :s

  2. I love the chandelier and the puppet theater gave me goosebumps – I have to have one!

  3. #5 is my choice! The kitchen is great too. We moved into a house with black cupboards and I love them..

  4. Oh my..you are just so good. I love every single one. I can't believe your kitchen for $216!! Wow!

  5. it would be so easy to envy you and your amazing talents. so easy to be jealous of your skills, creativity & sheer energy to do it! but, i'm not.
    first of all – because it's a sin.
    and mostly, because you are just so stinkin' cute! and you share it all with us. you rock! and today – you have our permission to brag!!!!

  6. Lots of before and after awesomeness! My faves are the chairs and the kitchen. And the lamps. And the magazine holder and the mirror.

    You get the idea :o)

  7. Color me INSPIRED! I love to 'remake' stuff, but your kitchen is something else entirely! And the puppet theatre? I'll be making one of those. Thanks for that brag session!

  8. They're all still just as FAB as the first time I saw them! Awesome! Can't pick a favorite really – maybe the kitchen? but of course I like the pink chair… and… 🙂

    pk @ Room Remix

  9. Awesome redos! you deserve to do all the braggin you want!

    Have a great day!

  10. your before and afters look wonderful. My boys have that target kids blanket also!! I think my favorite is the pink chair and puppet theater. Great job.

  11. Oh, the chandelier! Can't wait to find one for my daughters room! And I'm still lovin' that pink chair and the bunk bed!

  12. Great makeovers! The puppet theatre out of a hutch is incredible and I love that pink chair.

  13. I agree with you… the kitchen is definitely my favorite. I would love to do that to mine, but I'm afraid that the molding is too skinny to put any hardware on. I'm just not sure it'd look right. But man, would I love to do that…. I think my cabinets are actually worse than your's were. : (

    They're all fabulous!

  14. Love the lamp and your kitchen! I so want to paint my cabinets…but OH THE work involved and I'm scared! LOL

  15. Forgot to say…thanks for stopping by for the first day of "27 Days of Thankful." Way to go on the weight loss!!!! 🙂

  16. All of those are fantastic ! I especially love your chair redos. Tres chic darling !


  17. You are amazing and such an inspiration to those of us who need a little encouragement to tackle those kind of projects. Off now to tinker and create something amazing…

  18. I love every single project!! I am still trying to get up the courage to paint my kitchen cabinets. (And decide on a color.)

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