One of the things that drives me bananas about my house (that I have complained about before) is the craptastic cabinetry used throughout. I have tried to make some of them look a little more custom and less ghetto by painting them. 
Click here to see the downstairs bath vanity
Click here to see the kitchen cabinet makeover
What is worse than craptastic cabinetry? The bathroom vanity cabinets have no drawers in them!  What is up with that?  A man must have thought of that design since they have like three hygiene products. DRIVES.ME.CRAZY!IMG_1415 I have tried to remedy that a little by placing plastic drawers under the vanity and adding sink tip-out trays.
It helps a tad but we can’t help but have hygiene and beauty products on top of the vanity.  The scattered, cluttered look needs to go!
So I went to my local Goodwill in search of an inexpensive option for displaying storing my beauty products and found all this brassiness…
IMG_1722 IMG_1717
On all of the brass pieces I used my Dremel 4000 to scuff up the intricate details and creases on it.  Then I sanded it with my 3M Sandblaster Pad, sprayed it with Rustoleum’s Clean Metal Primer and then sprayed it with Krylon’s Brushed Metallic Finish in Satin Nickel.IMG_1823Wahla! Classy, inexpensive, and perfect storage…
IMG_1831 IMG_1832Next up I transformed a brass candlestick and a brass bowl by  adding a little Gorilla Glue Epoxy and glued the two pieces together.  Holy bananas that stuff is strong!  Have you tried that stuff?
Perfect storage for hair doodads, bath bombs and my drugs 🙂 IMG_1833 Last up is a little brass container that I accidentally have no before shot of.
IMG_1835 IMG_1834All of this was $4 at my local Goodwill.  I had all the other supplies on hand.
Don’t overlook the section of brass in your local Goodwill.  Try to look beyond the brass and look at the shape instead.  See what you can pair up to make a cake stand, a cupcake pedestal, a cloche, etc. 

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