We got our ultrasound pictures scanned in. I thought her profile picture turned out great. Look at that cute nose.

In case you were wanting to see. . .LOL!!

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  1. ok I see the beautiful little profile of the head but Beck I don’t see “girl parts”. I’m pretty sure it’s just a black shadowy screen. I wonder if Tim still has hope….hmm

  2. Awwwww………….she is sooo beautiful! I think she has your sister’s nose. LOL

    Seriously, I need to stay out of the stores. My brain says no…..but the ‘ole bod keeps heading towards the baby department.

    A little over 4 months left. Time’s getting short!

  3. Haha — can’t make out the girlie parts, but that first picture is amazing. I really feel old when I see ultrasounds “these days” — ours were barely readable!

  4. Beautiful of course 🙂 That is a good profile shot. It’s always fun to see if that’s what they look like in the end.

  5. Girl…I can’t believe you posted her tootie on the net. Today, it’s an ultrasound…tomorrow, Hugh Hefner, baby!

  6. look at her sweet little profile! (um…I’m talking about the one of the head here, not the girl parts!)
    I can’t believe I don’t get to see your belly growing!

  7. Becky,
    I was thinking of you this morning and thought “I hope she has a girl” and there she is! Brought tears to my eyes.
    Love Cinney

  8. What fun!!! You’re right the girl power in the house has its own kind of excitement doesn’t it? I guess growing up with three younger brothers and being a mom of two boys, I can have a lot of excitement for a Christian Sister who is on her way to bringing a little more femininity into the Farrant family. Try not to get too carried away with it for Tim and Isaac’s sake. I mean if that is possible. God bless You both Beckie and Tim!!!

  9. A girl!!! Oh my gosh…Tim and Beckie having a girl. =) I’m so excited for you guys to experience a little girl, it is truly an awesome thing and you will both love it (and for different reasons probably!)!! I can’t wait to meet her, hopefully someday I will….


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