Rustic Wood Bookcase

I absolutely LOOOOVE this rustic backed bookshelf from Karianne at Thistlewood Farms. Why is it that Karianne makes the simplest projects that have huge wow factor. Where I, on the other hand, make something, and by the time my supply list is done I have lost you? She is brilliant – that is why!  And I like to overcomplicate the crap out of everything.  The wood against the stark white is simply stunning and I think one look at this and I am going to do the exact same thing with on of my shelves.  Thanks for the inspiration.  


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How To Emboss a Monogram on Velvet

Karianne is back with a fabulously easy project.  Embossing on velvet.  Think of all the luxurious gifts you can make with this simple technique.  How posh would velvet embossed monogram pillows look on a couch for the holiday season?  Amazing…I know.  So enjoy the process ladies…you will want to pin this one.

how to emboss a monogram on velvet

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Paint Stick Wreath

 No one loves a good paint stick project more than me. I have hung my jewelry on paint sticks, organized my cupboards with them, and even made a frame out of some. I have found another who adores those 12” – 14” sticks of solid wood as much as I do…(enter from stage left) Karianne from Thistlewood Farms.  She already showed you the amazing herringbone side table she made with paint sticks that you all thought was fabulous.  Today she is back, chopping them up and making a wreath.  


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DIY Side Table

Karianne is back sharing a budget friendly way to create a cool side table.   This is such an easy project but makes a huge statement in the room.  And you can change the color if you want to with a can of spray paint.  Brilliance, I tell you. But do we expect any less from Karianne?



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