How to Make a Picture Frame Memory Wreath

I am always looking for new ways to display photos.  I love unique ideas and this one from new contributor Karianne from Thistlewood Farms takes the cake.  She used a grapevine wreath and mini frames to create this keepsake wreath for her home.  Isn’t it just lovely?

picture frame memory wreath

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Herringbone Pattern Paint Stick Table

Herringbone patterns are hot right now.  This little table with the herringbone pattern out of paint sticks is to die for.  Karianne from Thistlewood Farm is here to show you how she did it.  She amazes me with her talent!  I want this little table somewhere in my house.  Karianne is just sweet enough that if I asked her nicely she would probably say yes!


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Clip-On Chalkboard Tags

Have you started wrapping presents yet? I must admit I wrapped a couple this morning. The daunting task of wrapping them all in one night has never quite appealed to me so I try and do a little at a time. Karianne is back to show you how to make some clip-on chalkboard gift tags that you can reuse over and over.  


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Stamped Spoon Napkin Ring

Personal and custom – why do we love those words so much? Sometimes it is the little touches that we do for people that make the biggest difference. These adorable, stamped, personal, and custom stamped spoons make your table setting…well…special.  Just like the people around the table right?  Welcome Karianne as she shows up to make these stamped spoon napkin rings. 



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