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For Mother’s Day I finally stepped into 2011 and bought myself a Nikon D3100 SLR camera.   I have been enjoying learning how to take a good picture.   I feel like my pictures have improved 1000% with my new toy.


I was so excited to receive an August Blossoms camera strap to review.   I looked around Etsy forever before I heard from two friends about August Blossoms.   I didn’t simply want a slipcover for my strap because I heard those bunch up and slip around too much. I wanted a strap that was complete with the nylon webbing straps to attach to my camera plus a lens cap pocket.   August Blossoms has both.   So I contacted Denise and begged her to send me a strap to review.

Lotus Blue Grey Red

camera strap lotus blue

I adore these straps for a number of reasons…

1   Denise chooses gorgeous fabrics for her designs.   I chose the Lotus Blue Grey Red.

2.   It has the lens cap pocket.   No misplacing my lens cap or shoving it in my bra (for real!) so I don’t lose it.

3.   It is a camera strap and not a slip cover so it doesn’t bunch up or slip around.

4.   It is lightweight so I don’t have to worry about sweaty neck (these things are important people!).

5.   She uses two high quality cotton fabrics so it is reversible.

6.   Her prices are a lot cheaper than most of what I saw on Etsy.

Grey and Pink Dolce


Lavender and Lime Sway


Denise would love to send you a camera strap!   Here is what you can do to enter a chance to win one.

1.   Like August Blossoms on Facebook (leave me a comment here letting me know you did).

2.   Visit August Blossoms on Etsy and tell me which strap speaks to you by leaving a comment on the name of the strap you’d chose if you won.

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  1. Since my hubby takes a lot of the pictures, I would prefer one that was somewhat neutral. I really like the black and white damask or the grey stones

  2. Hmmm…so many beautiful choices! My favorite is the Black & White Damask and Dot camera strap.

    My daughter is looking at that camera, too. I hope you’ll do a post to let us know how you like it and show us what you’re able to do with it.

  3. Love these!–especially love the lens cap pocket! I’d choose the Lotus print–blue, gray and red. Consdiering my hubby uses the camera too, the colors are a little less girly. 🙂

  4. Oh yay! I just bought a Nikon D3100 as well, and was just looking at pretty camera straps. I love that this one has a pocket for the lens cap. Very clever!

    I “liked” August Blossoms on Facebook.

    I would choose the Orange Dolce. I’m on a bit of an orange kick lately.

  5. I visited August Blossoms’ etsy and if I were to choose a camera strap, it’d definitely be the Teal Birds and Flowers. I love that one!

  6. im so excited about this camera strap! if i had to choose just one (which is excruciatingly painful) i would pick the kiwi garden path. thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! 😀

  7. also, i liked august blossoms on facebook! now i can keep up with new products. 😛

  8. those are fab fabrics! and I’d love to have a lens pocket! that’s too funny about the bra. Mine is a shey b. one and I haven’t had any trouble with it slipping around.

  9. I would choose the gray stones or the lotus blue gray like yours! I hope I win!!!! 🙂

  10. Yeah for Nikons…I LOVE mine too! I don’t have a fun camera strap yet…these are 12 kinds of A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! I love them all, but the black and white one kind of sticks out to me! I liked them on facebook too! Thank so much!!!!

  11. Camera Strap, Bloom and Stripe- Reversible, Built-in Lens Cap Pocket would be my pick!

  12. I LOVE my Nikon D3100 that I got in March! Thanks for this review…I constantly misplace my lens cap. I really like the Blue and Coral Woodland Bloom strap on etsy!

  13. I liked August Blossoms on facebook and my strap pick would be Gray Stones. While I love the livlier selections, the pragmatic choice of GrayStones wins out. The thought of stains, and dirt marring those other beautiful color choices, led me to appreciate the classic, understated style of gray stones. Love the lens pocket too!

  14. I so need a way not to lose my lens cap. I am always putting it in weird places. I like Camera Strap, Gray and Pink Dolce, Reversible, Built in Lens Cap Pocket this one best 🙂

  15. You were right, there are some gorgeous camera straps on August Blossoms!

    I think though, with much hemming and hawing, I’d chose the same one you chose, the Lotus Blue, Grey, Red

  16. I really love the Blue and Coral Woodland Bloom, but I think I’d keep it dirty.
    So if I were going to pick a dark one, it would be the black and white damask!

  17. I am so a pink girl! I am loving both the Gray and Pink Dolce and the Ivory and Bubblegum Poppies

  18. They are all beautiful, but I really love the Blue and Coral Woodland Blooms. Thanks for the intro to these fabulous looking straps and the chance to win one.

  19. Ivory Sway. My camera is red so this would be a fun compliment to the camera color!

  20. Oh, I have been frequenting her etsy site – trying to pull the trigger and buy a strap! Right now, I’m liking the woodland bloom – blue and coral.

  21. I love the Ivory Sway… I had a hooter hider made from that material from back in the day! Ahh… memories! Great give away! Love your blog!

  22. I would choose the Black and White Damask and Dot. Love it! I love that there is a lens cap pocket! What a great idea! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered around looking for my lens cap, only to find it in a pocket or shoved in my purse! So, not only is it cute, it would be a great time saver for me.

  23. Ooh, I so would love to win this giveaway – I have yearned for a camera strap and August Blossom really finishes hers so nicely!

    I like so many of the choices, but think the Blue & Green Vine is just so cheerful it would be my pick!

  24. I think I’d get Blue and Coral Woodland Bloom…. or grey stones, it’s pretty hard to decide 🙂

  25. Love all the pinks but fell in love with the navy, yellow and white one. Wonderful!

  26. It would be so hard to choose, but I really like the Navy Yellow and White Plain Jane. I have a Canon T2i that i am still learning on. i would love to have a stylish strap to help mw look like I know what i am doing! LOL

  27. Love the trees & leaves.. it can’t be too girl cause my hubby takes just as many photos as i do!

  28. I’m about to buy my first Nikon so I definetly will need a camera strap too. I like the gray and bubblegum or the ivory and pink 🙂 Thanks! They are all great.

  29. Oh, I need a camera strap, esp one with a built in lens holder. I “liked” her on facebook!

  30. I checked out the Etsy page and I love the Grey Stones…I would love to win it so I can give it to a friend whose strap had an accident with a candle flame!

  31. I just “liked” August Blossoms on Facebook. I absolutely love the Lavendar and Lime Sway….though she has so many gorgeous prints, it would be hard to decide!

  32. I am in love with the brown woodland delight, but we are planning a trip to NYC soon and my hubby probably wouldn’t be too fond of wearing it so I guess I would go with the “guy friendly” grey stones. 🙂 keeping the hubs happy!

  33. I don’t know if this is supposed to be 2 separate entries… I like this one! Hope I win! 🙂
    Camera Strap, Brown Woodland Delight, Reversible, Built in Lens Cap Pocket

  34. i liked these straps on facebook….what’s more, i LOVE them! i just bought an eos and i’m desperately in need of a camera strap and these are awesome! i love the black and white one best of all and that would be my choice. thanks for an opportunity to win! and thank you for introducing me….

  35. There are so many really cute patterns and colors it was hard to decide, but I liked the Blue and Coral Woodland Bloom pattern best. I would love to have one of these…=) I especially loved the lens cap pocket, although I had never thought of putting it in my bra….lol

  36. I just liked August Blossoms on Facebook…these camera straps are very chic! I would be happy with any strap, the color combinations are stunning! My favorites are Kiwi Garden Path, Bloom and Stripe, Black and White Damask and Dot, and Lotus- Blue, Grey, Red. Love these!

  37. I “liked” August Blossoms on facebook! The fabric choices are all beautiful, but the Blue & Coral Woodland Bloom would be my choicel! My husband and I both take pictures of our kids all the time, so I think this particular fabric would work well for Mommy & Daddy!

  38. I love this idea! The straps that I would choose would be the gray stones one or the black and white damask/ dots one. Gotta go for colors/styles that would work for my hubby too 😉

  39. I love the Blue and Green Vine, Reversible. The colors are so bright and fun!

  40. I would pick the same strap you did. The grey lotus is one of my all time favorite fabrics. It would make me so happy to look at it each time I picked up my camera!

  41. I “liked” her shop, and I love her product! I’ve been wanting a pretty strap for my camera too, and a lens pocket would be great! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve misplaced it…

    The fabrics are all fab, but my favorite is lotus-blue. I’m on a grey kick right now, and I like that there’s not a lot of white to show any dirt (not that I’m lying my camera around in the dirt often, but stuff happens, ya know!).

  42. I love all her straps, but I think I would chose the blue vine and stripe! Sooooo pretty!

  43. Camera Strap, Gray Stones, Reversible, Built-in Lens Cap Pocket From denisehytonen or the
    Camera Strap, Orange Dolce, Reversible, Built in Lens Cap Pocket it would be a hard choice

  44. I love the black and white one, but might have to choose grey stones so that my hubby wouldn’t mind carrying it around too!

  45. I love the orange dolce one because I’m all about orange things right now. The Ivory Sway one is beautiful too. I love the red with the white polka dots that the flowers reverse to!

    Fun giveaway. Great etsy shop!

  46. I would pick the Red and Cream, Reversible camera strap! Then, I would go back and get any of the other ones for my mom and sisters for Christmas! They’re all super cute!

  47. The lens cap thing is great! I am always “almost” losing my lens cap. Blue and Coral Woodland Bloom is my favorite.

  48. Blue and Coral Woodland Bloom is my favorite. I love the lens cap feature. That is brilliant!

  49. I like the gray stones from etsy…got a D3100 early spring and having a blast taking pictures of my two babies. I can never figure out where to put that dang lens cap…problem solved if I win!

    tried liking on facebook but can’t find her page…even clicked on your link and it didn’t work, said page could not be found.

  50. They’re all fun and I wouldn’t mind having any of them. Today, though, my favorite is Blue & Green Vine. It may be something different tomorrow. Thanks for letting us play along.

  51. Such fun fabrics. I’d have to go with the orange dolce or the bloom and stripe.

  52. the strap….
    I will go for Lotus Blue Grey Red
    Thanks for a chance!!

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