Antique Sideboard Makeover {Part 1}

My friend Carrie had an old vintage waterfall sideboard in her house that I was just dying to get my hands on. It was absolutely gorgeous with beautiful ornate embellishments and amazing detail. This piece had been in her family a long time.   Her parents bought it at an auction in the 1960s and it has been in their home until Carrie got it about 10 years ago.   It had taken a lot of abuse over the years and it was cracked, drawn on, carved into and in overall rough shape.   However, it still has major potential to be a statement piece in her home so she commissioned me to make it shine again.

antique sideboard makeover (6)

antique sideboard makeover (8)

1.   I started out filling the spots that I could fill with wood filler.   I had to apply a few coats sanding in between to get an even surface.

antique sideboard makeover (15)

antique sideboard makeover (16)

2.   However, the doors were in such bad shape that I had to cut and glue trim around the edges to cover up the veneer that was peeled back.   I chose a pine trim with slight cuts in it to keep with the overall design.

antique sideboard makeover (5)

antique sideboard makeover (1)


3.   I sanded the whole piece down with 100 grit and then 180 grit sandpaper to give it enough tooth for the primer to stick to.   Then I washed the entire piece down.   Now it was ready for primer.   I used a black primer by Rustoleum.   Doesn’t the added trim look like it was there all along?


I know some of you are dying that I painted it.   But there was no way I could restore it to its former beauty with all the missing wood and cracks.   That is above my pay grade Winking smile

4.   Then I used my air sprayer and air compressor and blasted the whole thing with some satin latex black paint.

black antique sideboard (3)

black antique sideboard (7)

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