I finished refabbing the antique chair I got from the Salvation Army over Labor Day weekend. I love how it turned out and I am awfully proud of my upholstery job. I get more confident every time I do it.

When I was taking it apart out dropped a tiny little crochet needle and another plastic needle.

So I imagined that this chair belonged to a sweet elderly woman who crocheted dainty doilies for her home and precious baby booties for her great grandbabies. After her passing her children decided to donate the chair because it was too hard to pass by the chair everyday without thinking of Grandma. So they gave it to the Salvation Army in hopes that Grandma’s chair would find a good home and someone who would make it beautiful again. Vivid imagination huh? Well let me live there okay?

I sanded and cleaned the chair really well. Then I spray primed and painted it with two coats of American Accents Heirloom White. I got the fabric at Joann’s. It is part of their new collection of home dec fabrics and it complimented the fabric I chose for the pillows. It cost $15 for the three yards. The padding I had on hand.

I took apart the cushions and used that for a pattern and then I sewed it up and restuffed it. I had to whipstitch the opening shut and it was done. I didn’t do any fancy piping like the original cushions had. That would have taken more patience and sewing skill than I have. Let’s have one more looksie..


Tomorrow I am going to sew up some new pillows. I am going to make one more for the bed and then one to sit in the chair to tie it together.

Here are some more wonderful chair refabs:
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I love how the chairturned out. However, the more I look at it in the room the more I was unsatisfied. The Heirloom White color is not white at all it is cream all the way. It should be called Heirloom Cream. The fabric is definitely not a true white but not cream either. The problem was that sitting next to the stark white comforter and the white headboard it just looked off. I should have taken a picture of it for you guys to see. So I did something daring…potentially hideous to some of you. I am still not sure what I think of it because it is so bold.


Are you freaking out? Cringing? Crying? Smiling? Loving it?

I will say I like the Heirloom “White” better overall but it just doesn’t work with the room. When I am considering dying the white Ballard Design’s comforter to match the chair I knew it was not working.

Here is a picture of it next to the bed to give you a broader perspective (never mind the end table with all that stuff on it, that will be refabbed later)

I added a pillow to the bed and the chair that is the same pattern. I feel the pillow balanced out the two ruffle pillows.

Here’s the beauty of it people…it is just a fresh coat of Heirloom “Cream” away if I decide I like it better.

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  1. Amazing Chair! Beautiful job…you have such vision. And, I would have been telling myself that same story as I worked.

  2. The chair looks soooooo good! You must be an amazing seamstress. It would take me forever!!!!to do that. I love the fabric you chose so cheery. I have passed up several chairs like that, and you make me sorry that I did. Jackie

  3. That was fast! You just posted about getting the chair a little while ago. Very nice. Love the fabric.

  4. It looks wonderful! I was secretly wishing that I would find some treasure in my old chair project when I was taking it apart.

  5. absolutely gorgeous. The chair is virtually unrecognisable. It is amazing what white paint can do. And obviously your imagination that whipped this up. Love your choice of fabric, too.

    As I am in the middle of a sitting room revamp at the mo and also living in a 200 year old house with a large surplus of chairs and armchairs, I feel inspired to attempt something like this, too. Thanks for giving me the inspiration!

    Totally love your blog – a definite stop for me every day!

  6. I think it is a lovely refab – and a great story. We just purchased two chairs and a couch, and I like to sit and think of the things that this furniture has 'seen'. Great job on your chair!

  7. I have been waiting (not so patiently) to see this!! Fantastic! *Audible squeels of delight! I too make up stories about my furniture based on what comes out of it!! Thanks for linking to me :)Did you get my email? I had to send it twice and I just wasnt' sure it actually went through 🙂 Great Job on the chair!!

  8. That looks so great! The shape reminds me so much of the one I redid – they could be sisters!

  9. AWESOME job, Beckie! It looks great! Practice makes perfect, huh? And a new chair for what… $20 + $15 + (you prob had the paint on hand already, right?), le's say, $40! Not bad!

  10. Umm I work at a hospital taking care of a lot of old ladies (some very adorable old ladies) but I think I'll spare you my intitial thought when I read this since yours is waaaay better. 🙂 Steph probably had the same thought. ha ha ha.

  11. Love the chair refab! The story is super-cute. I did the same thing with my 1920's engagement ring made up a story to go along with it. 😉

  12. That turned out lovely! I have a chair I want to rehab but I'm scared I'll just mess it up

  13. Such an eye for re-makes! What room is this going into? I'm trying to envision the rooms in your home and am not sure where you are sewing pillow in hot pinks and greens and white…

  14. It turned out great! I love the fabric you chose, and I don't blame you at all for not wanting to do piping. I sure don't have the patience for it! Great job!

  15. I love how fresh and light that fun fabric is! The chair looks like new! I also enjoyed hearing the thoughts of your creative imagination. 😉

  16. While the kids were at PDO I was pulling a chair out of a dumpster. (it was on top) Thought of you! Not nearly as cool as this chair but still kinda fun and low to the ground. Hoping to turn it into something for the boys room.

    Should I feel bad I thought of you while in the dumpster? 🙂 and I knew you would have been right there with me helping get the chair out.

  17. LOVE it! That fabric is uber cool — so fun. I am going to attempt doing this with our dining room chairs, I'll ask advice first. 😉

  18. Looks good. I refabed a chair recently but not an upolstery one. Its amazing what spray paint and fabric can do.

  19. This came out great! I'm glad to see an antique chair refab, I inherited a couple of chairs circa 1952 and I've been trying to figure out what to do with them… searching for inspiration everwhere! Love how yours turned out!

    And I think you could have tackled the piping with no problems ;o)

  20. So pretty and fresh and new! I've seen that chair redone before and I would love to find one! Great work!

  21. Cute! I actually like the bright pink. It makes it bold and unique. I have a similar chair, but in a different style. This has given me some inspiration. Thanks!

  22. Very unique…if you decide to change, you may consider an olive green or darker shade green to compliment fabric but tone down. Great work!

  23. I like the pink! That pop of color really looks good in the room. 🙂 And I love your story about the elderly lady. Ha!

  24. I love it white or pink. Good for you for having the guts to go with such a cute punchy color. 🙂

  25. Oh, Wow! Great job! I admire anyone who can re-do a chair like that. Either color is fine, but that pink really gives a pop of color!


  26. I think it's just beautiful! Makes me want to head over to my local thrift store so I can see what they have available. Great work!

  27. Very pretty! But it's lost in that room. Would be better if the room's wall was a pale green and the chair was sitting on top of a white flotaki (sp?) rug.Then it will become the centerpiece!

  28. Oh My Goodness! I love this chair…I am on the look out for one so that I can try this. Stop by my blog if you can! Thanks for sharing!

  29. The pink was a bold choice that paid off! It looks so fun and adds a lot to the room! Very nice job! : )

  30. FANTABULOUS! Excuse me for making up a word…but it seems to fit your chair. What an awesome update. It's inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I like the pink! It really livens up the room. And I also like the way you imagined the chair's previous owner. 🙂

  32. Great makeover! I like the chair both ways but maybe if you aren't sure you could try distressing it a little? That might soften the boldness of the pink and let some of the heirloom white show through. The best of both worlds! What an awesome find and great job!

  33. HOT PINK CHAIR…..well it looks great…don't change the color…it gives that POP FACTOR in your room. Thanks for sharing.


  34. The redo was fabulous. the pink was a shock at first, but in context of the room with the other whites and pillows, it was a perfect choice. Way to lead the way on being bold!!

  35. At first I freaked, thinking, "Oh no! What was she thinking painting it pink!?" Then I saw the pic of it in the room.


    Rock on with your spray painting pink self 🙂

  36. I love, love, LOVE the pink! It's gorgeous! And the needle and hook!!! What a fabulous find. I'm working on a fun Before and After Roundup and I'll be linking to this. Go pink!

  37. I love it both ways! I think the white was nice, but with an all-white room you are right; it probably needed that pop of color.

    I am studying all the chair rehabs that I can find because I recently plucked two chairs off the curb (much to my DH's chagrin!) and am determined to give them a new lease on life! I have never sewed a cushion before, but I have confidence that I can do it…I just love old chairs; they have such personality, and when I see them sitting out for the trashman they just seem so dejected. I can't wait to get to work on mine; thank you for sharing your work, and for the links!

  38. I love the chair. It doesn't even look the same. Love the pink. It's so striking. Thanks for sharing! I'm having a giveaway today. Stop by if you get a chance and enter to win.

  39. I think it looks cute both ways. Like you, I probably like the cream better overall, but the pink WORKS in the room! Green would be nice too…. (I *love* green though). Great job!

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