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I love how the antique chair turned out. However, the more I look at it in the room the more I was unsatisfied. The Heirloom White color is not white at all it is cream all the way. It should be called Heirloom Cream. The fabric is definitely not a true white but not cream either. The problem was that sitting next to the stark white comforter and the white headboard it just looked off. I should have taken a picture of it for you guys to see. So I did something daring…potentially hideous to some of you. I am still not sure what I think of it because it is so bold.


Are you freaking out? Cringing? Crying? Smiling? Loving it? Tell me honestly what you think (just be gentle if you hate it).

I will say I like the Heirloom “White” better overall but it just doesn’t work with the room. When I am considering dying the white Ballard Design’s comforter to match the chair I knew it was not working.

Here is a picture of it next to the bed to give you a broader perspective (never mind the end table with all that stuff on it, that will be refabbed later)

I added a pillow to the bed and the chair that is the same pattern. I feel the pillow balanced out the two ruffle pillows.

Here’s the beauty of it people…it is just a fresh coat of Heirloom “Cream” away if I decide I like it better.

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  1. Um not feeling the pink…. sorry. I LOVE the refab though… fabric wise! What if you tried a lime green? It would be bold, and daring, but it might make the whole color scheme pop better….? I just don't think the pink does the chair justice, it's a gorgeous chair! I think green would be pretty fab!

  2. I love it! It's fabulous! The chair color pops in the room now! I think the white would have been too washed out! I love the way the pink looks with the fabric! I think it was a bold choice, that was a great choice! That said, if you don't like it, the beauty of paint is you can change it back…maybe it would just need a few coats of primer now! I like it though!
    ~amber b

  3. Yea, I am thinking maybe picking up a shade of green spray paint would not be a bad idea. I am not feeling the cream, but I am really not feeling the pink. Sorry Beckie…I do LOVE the chair and fabric, but wow is that pink!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the pink!! LOVE IT!! It adds some punch to the room and makes me want to sit there and giggle with a girlfriend while painting my toenails. LOVE IT!!

  5. I was thinking green, too! I totally love that you tried the pink, but maybe it's TOO pink? Maybe once you do something w/ the table and a window treatment it would tone it down some? Don't change it just yet!

  6. You know I think Pink has its place. I think in kids room color is fun and care free. I think in living areas it would stick out but I think with anything, if you love it keep it. Don't redo it because other people like it or don't like it. Embrace what you love even if everyone else hates it. Surrounding yourself with things you love makes a house a home even if it is bold and bright. I like it better than the white – the white made the chair "invisible."

  7. I LOVE the pink…however; I will admit, I often love ugly things. Haha, I have been told this by many people and have learned to embrace my ugly-loving taste and enjoy every minute of it!

  8. I said to myself "Heart!" when I first saw it (that means I love it, btw) before I read a single comment. I think it's funky and fab. 🙂

  9. it's a little distracting ..maybe one of the greens would work better?? i love a soft pink, but this particular pink while it's lovely in the fabric, i think it is just too bold on this particular chair. jmho..

  10. I definitely think that the chair adds something fun to the room now. White may have been to drab with the light fabric in that room, so I can see why you changed it. Not to mention, you have a PINK chair now! How fun is that! If you get sick of it in a year, spray it again.

  11. Not feeling the pink, BUT…like someone said, maybe after a window treatment it'd be better? I, too, was thinking the paler green in the chair fabric would make a good chair paint color. Then that ties in with the green in the bed pillows too. Just my 2 cents.

  12. Or maybe even the heirloom white with a glaze of the green over top? You know, put it on, wipe a little off kind of thing?

  13. Take this for what it's worth… I love it.

    But my daughter's room has also been likened to being inside a bottle of Pepto-Bismal… 😉 So, I'm ok with bold and pink 😉

  14. L.O.V.E. it! All about the pink. If the rocking chair in my daughter's room weren't in great shape and my great-grandmother's, I would be ready to do the same thing to it!


  15. Oh – and by the way… I think the little knitting granny is in Heaven thinking that the chair ROCKS — and wishing she had done that. Imagine how funky her little booties would have been… 😉 LOL

  16. I LOVE it! I love bright happy fun young colors like that though (um high, my name is amanda and I'm obsessed with bright teal and red). I think it looks so much more fun than the plain white.

  17. That is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I commend you for being daring and going with the pink. It worked out great. Sometimes it pays off to be daring!

  18. Well, I personally LOVE the pink & how it pops in the room… could be that I have 2 girls and have had a love of pink forced on me 🙂

    Cool refab, love the fabric, too!

  19. Sorry, I couldn't handle the pink. I have all kinds of red furniture, so I like color, but the pink is too much for me.

    I think if you want to go bright, but a little less shocking, you could go apple green.

  20. It's not bad. I think I would redo it but with the green from your fabric instead of the pink and see what that does. Good luck deciding!

  21. Just found your blog last week and I love it! I really like the pink on the chair, but I think I would make the head board and foot board on the bed the same color pink! I like pink! 🙂

  22. My first impression? I Adore your choice of pink…This coming from a big-red-couch owner!
    But it has a trendy feel to it…and I actually wasn't sold on that heirloom white in the first place (thus why no comment last time….)
    I read through the comments and laughed at everyone's candor.
    Then when I got to the Apple Green comment…well, my head started spinning….Yeah, that might be fantastic too! Especially if you're unsure. I think you have a great eye…and I love that you're willing to mess with it…it's art baby! Have fun!

  23. I really like the pink! Definitely better than the white… When it was white it seemed to just fade away. I have to admit that I am intrigued by the green idea though! 🙂

  24. Honey! Don't change it! I abso-tively love it! No other color will do! I promise!

    Besides, it's in my room, right? LOL

    Very very pretty. It gives that room a perfect BALANCE!

    Yo Mom

  25. Call me crazy, but I'm loving it! I think it gives the room and white bedding the pop of color it needs.The colors in the chair and pillows bring life and balance to the room. God's blessings, Sarah 😀

  26. Wow! PINK! I think it works, but perhaps a little softer on the pink or I see a suggestion of lime green, but I would go softer on that too. But hey it is about what you love, not all of us. Go with what you like. Jackie

  27. LOVE IT! Don't change it one bit! I was a little 'eh' on the first refab and now I'm in LOVE! And I'm not a pink person but I would totally put that chair somewhere in my house. I think it's gorgeous!!

  28. I absolutely love love love it! When I had seen it with the white, I liked it but thought it was a little too white, but now I really do love it. It's not too bright, and I think the pillows do a great job balancing the pink.

  29. I think it looks great…for that room. Sometimes we have to make changes specific to the room or the space where the furniture will be used. Perhaps in another space or alone, I wouldn't like it, but I think it works in here.

  30. I love the pink!!! I think people might be surprised by the bold color, but I think it is fantastic! It has a presence in the room – – plus it blends nicely with the pillows on the bed – – I think doing green might actually be too much (please don't hate me green people) I love green, but it would be adding a whole new big statement in the room. I'm sure that by the time you get done with everything in the room the pink is going to be fantastic – – I alredy think it is!!!

  31. I love your attitude. Paint is easy. I lived with a red wall for 5 years and was never happy until I painted it green.

    But … I like the chair. It is very happy and makes me smile. In fact, I smiled when I clicked into your blog this morning. I could not help it.

    Then … before I realized I was on the same blog … my first thought was that I needed to find the blog that had the same fabric on her WHITE chair, so I could show you. Ha! It was you!!

  32. Think pink – why not. The room is very white-heavy, so a splash of colour revives it. If you think it is too bright, you could just give it the shabby chic-treatment and sand down a bit of the pink so that some of the white shines through…

  33. i SO LOVE the pink! & your mom abso-tively loves it, so ya gotta keep it!

    you did an awesome job with the reupholstering, too!

    the chair has been awarded 3 exclamation points! (make that 4!) (er, 5!) okay, 6, by me.

  34. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! As soon as I saw the picture come up in my FB newsfeed, I thought "Ahhh… that's better!" The white was nice, but this is awesome!
    I might even go so far as to suggest adding a punch to the headboard as well. 🙂

  35. I like that it's bold and picks up some of the pink in the pillows. Once I saw the chair in the room I thought you def made a good decision. But I wonder if all that pink would get sickening after a while – what if you painted the netted area under the arms a more neutral color? Heirloom cream or a white that matches the fabric OR you could try covering it with the fabric if you have any left. That would tone down the pink and I think it would bring out the beautiful frame of the chair more. Just a thought! Way to take a risk!

  36. wow! Lots of comments about this chair! I think it looks really fun in pink, but easy to change out if you decide to do that later.

    What's up with Heirloom White? You're right! It totally should be called Heirloom Cream. I see so many people talk bout using it, but I personally really, really don't like it! All the trim in my house is bright white…maybe that's why I can't stand the creaminess of that spray paint. I've tried it a few times, but always go back to regular white.

  37. Okay, so I wasn't too fond of it when I saw it, but when you show the pic of it by the bed I really think I like it. Weird, though, for some reason in the previous pics I thought that color was more of a red/wine, not pink.

    I think that the "cream" would be a little boring… especially since the only pop of color in the room currently is the pillows.

    Overall… I like it. : ) What's life without a little funk & pizzaz?

  38. I see lots of mention of green… I just think that that would detract from the main color of the pillows on the bed. But that's just me.

  39. I liked it before. However, I love the fact that you painted it such a bright color. It really pops nicely against all the other white. I think I like it better with the rest of the room this way.

  40. I absolutely love the pink. It's bold and beautiful in that setting. Might not work every place but it does in that room. Anyone can go safe with green. It takes vision to do something totally unexpected. Love it.

  41. I like the pink chair, but have you considered painting the walls -maybe a butter yellow or fresh green? Then it wouldn't look so stark against so much white. Love your blog by the way!

  42. hmmmm…..not an INSTANT fan of the pink. But I think it's because the rest of the room is still a bit stark (not the bed) So let's see it with curtains and some bold art to match the bold chair…and then I think you might win me over.

    boy…that little pink chair started quite the comment frenzy! =)

  43. I must say, that the picture of the chair by itself was certainly too pink for me but then some people like pink and frills and all that a lot. Once I saw the picture of the chair beside the bed with pink cushions it was a lot better.
    However, I personally think that I would maybe go back to the white. I really liked it then. Maybe antique it up a bit or find a white that matches the bed duvet. You did an awesome job on that apolstry job!

  44. I actually really love it! It is a bit bright when you first see it, but after seeing it in the room with the whole ensenble, it looks great! Especially since the rest of the room is pretty low key, its nice to have something POP! 🙂

  45. Ah, I just read all the comments and I must re-comment. I've decided that if walls are white and the bed is white then the chair should be pink and there should be bold curtains and artwork to match the chair and the cushions. What a lovely room that would be! If however, which I assumed you were not done with the room, you were going to paint the room and hang perhaps light green curtains or pink, I would say, go back to white. It's such a lovely chair now that you've done your magic!

  46. I have white and cream and sage green along with shabby chic like florals in my room, I would just find a cream colored throw, maybe something with pink in it too, to fold and the foot of the bed. It looks great though. However, if something bugs me then I am not happy until its changed.. good luck!

  47. I love it. REally, really, really love it!!!!

    Could you do me a favor and visit my bloggity blog? I really need some color input! 🙂

  48. Please leave it pink. How many people have a pink chair? It is so adorable. Pink is a happy color and isn't this the guest room, where you want people to feel happy?

  49. I love what you've done with the chair! If you look at that chair and are jumping with joy on the inside, you should totally keep it! You could also accessorize the chair with a neutral throw if you're wanting it toned down a bit. LOVES IT!!

  50. I think the pink is a bit too much. If you like green and really want a little pop in the room that might be a better option. I love white but I can see why it doesn't do what you want in that room. Bottom line… if you LOVE it, keep it. If you are going to think "I duno…" every time you see it, repaint it.

  51. LOVE IT!! I think it is perfect for the room. Wow…you are getting a lot of different opinions, not sure if this is helpful or not 🙂

  52. As soon as I saw it in the room, I instanstly though green (nice and light…not violently green) would be great.


  53. i don't usually comment but seriously, I lOVE IT!! It's so, so cute!! It really adds some pop to the room! Great job!!

  54. I can't decide what I think. The pink is definitely bright, but I think it could work in the room, especially since there is so much white. It definitely adds a pop of color! I actually think the pink is fun. One thought if you wanted to make the pink a tiny bit less bold would be to "whitewash" it on top of of the pink, paint on, wipe off, to mute it a bit and make a little bit of a softer shade. That might be my suggestion.

  55. I LOVES my new room. When can I make reservations to come stay.

    I wouldn't change the comforter color. I think it will balance all out once you refab, do the drapes, etc.

  56. The pink really gives the chair presence in the room– LOVE IT. good for you to go bold, like that quote says "Life's too short for beige!" (oh yeah, and I have a degree in Interior Design)

  57. I love it pink. And I love that fabric. I used the scrapbook paper that is based on to base some painting I did on flannel scarves. Huh?
    Anyway, I think the pink makes it very special!

  58. I think the chair would go better if it had some additional "pops" in the room. I would wait to change it until you add on to the room. cause I just know there is more to come. But if you get a real itch to spray paint chairs, I am still working on my outdoor ones. You are welcome to grab a can of spray paint and have at it with me.

  59. I like it! Love the pink! I'm going to accent my daughter's room with some pink painted pieces, so this gives me some inspiration! Thanks for visiting my humble little blog! Hope you find a steal of a rug, too! : )

  60. I love the pink but I think you should paint the bed black and the side table black, they blend it too much with the wall, and the pink doesn't "pop" as is.

  61. Hi there beckie! I just featured this redo on my blog! C'mon over and check it out! And thanks!

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