Antique Chair Refab Refab

I love how the antique chair turned out. However, the more I look at it in the room the more I was unsatisfied. The Heirloom White color is not white at all it is cream all the way. It should be called Heirloom Cream. The fabric is definitely not a true white but not cream either. The problem was that sitting next to the stark white comforter and the white headboard it just looked off. I should have taken a picture of it for you guys to see. So I did something daring…potentially hideous to some of you. I am still not sure what I think of it because it is so bold.


Are you freaking out? Cringing? Crying? Smiling? Loving it? Tell me honestly what you think (just be gentle if you hate it).

I will say I like the Heirloom “White” better overall but it just doesn’t work with the room. When I am considering dying the white Ballard Design’s comforter to match the chair I knew it was not working.

Here is a picture of it next to the bed to give you a broader perspective (never mind the end table with all that stuff on it, that will be refabbed later)

I added a pillow to the bed and the chair that is the same pattern. I feel the pillow balanced out the two ruffle pillows.

Here’s the beauty of it people…it is just a fresh coat of Heirloom “Cream” away if I decide I like it better.