Piccadilly Earrings {Anthro-Knock-Off}

I am a fan of jewelry.  Not dainty, fine, pretty jewelry.  But the big, gaudy, blingy kind.  When it comes to earrings, the longer the better.  And I adore dangly drop ones.  I fell in love with the $48 Piccadilly Chandelier Earrings from Anthropologie.  So when Michaels challenged me to ReCreate something I decided these pretty chandelier earrings would be just the right project.

dangly drop earrings

They were super simple to ReCreate with a few supplies from Michaels and a little wire wrapping.
Michaels craft store supplies


Bead Gallery Briolettes – Michaels

Bead Landing Earring wires –Michaels

Chain nose pliers

Flush cut pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Artistic Wire Brand 22 gauge wire – Michaels

Bead Landing Circle Connectors – Michaels

1.  Start by threading the wire through the briolette.  Leave a tail and cross the two pieces of wire in the middle.  Pinch the top with your chain nose pliers.

piccadilly earrings

2.  Begin wire wrapping down towards the briolette.  Stop when the hat on the briolette is as far down as you want it.  Using your flush cut pliers cut the wire in the back where you won’t see it.  Then using your chain nose pliers squeeze the wire snug with the wrapped wire.

anthropologie chandelier earrings

anthro knock off earrings

3.  Using your flush cutters leave about 1/2” tail on the top wire.  Using your round nose plier form a loop at the top.

anthropologie copycat earrings

4.  Open the loop up and thread both of the circle connectors on.  Close the loop.

anthropologie knock off earrings

5.  Add the other wire wrapped briolette to the top of the circle connector as well as the earring wire.  Close the loop.

piccadilly anthropologie earrings

Admire your long dangly earrings.  Shake your head a little.  You can hear them too Winking smile

anthropologie chandelier earrings


I couldn’t stop there. I also grabbed some smaller briolettes from Michaels and used those with the smaller sized circle connectors in the pack.

turquiose briolettes

I can’t decide which ones I like the best.

chandelier drop earrings

I got all my supplies for 40% off so I spent right at $15 plus tax.  Not bad for 6 pairs of knock-off earrings at $2.50.

piccadilly drop earrings

RE Create


ReCreate with Michaels.  Check out ways they ReCreated by checking out their Lookbook.



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  1. Um, gorgeous. Love Anthro jewelry – any time I can get their look for less is a happy day.

  2. oH how pretty and so timely as well! I just got my ears repierced after not wearing earrings for more years than I care to admit. Only 5 more weeks before I can wear something really cute! (danglies will have to wait a bit longer as i don’t want to risk it)

  3. Gah! I love these so much!!! What a great knockoff – I love all the color versions you made too!

  4. Jennifer Haag says:

    I am in love with these!!! Going to try and make them this weekend 🙂

  5. So why am I not surprised I like them better, and you do jewelry too? And that is one thing I do. I just haven’t done for about a year and a half. I don’t make cabinets — I just admire those people who do. LOL

  6. So pretty! Have to try these!

  7. Well done, Beckie! They look amazing and wow- what a savings!


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