Amazon Subscribe & Save {how I saved $15 this month}

While I love DIY, crafting, decorating, designing and building furniture I also love to save money.  Occasionally I will post killer deasl on my Facebook page or Instagram.  However, I thought I would start a once a month post on the things I buy each month from Amazon’s Subscribe and Save (S&S) program.  I save money and I get the products that I need each month shipped to my door.  In order to take advantage of Amazon’s S&S program you have to be a Prime Member (<— click there to see the benefits).  I know $99 a year is a lot of money.  But I am going to show you how this month alone I saved $13.97, so if you take that savings times 12 months it is well worth the $99 Prime Membership.

how I save money with Amazon subscribe and save

In order for S&S to be worth it you need to…

1.  Order 5 or more products in a single month because you save an additional 15% off.

2.  Use the coupon page to your advantage.  Every one of these products had a coupon with it this month so I saved even more. The coupons are found below the price and you have to click on it to “clip it”.

3.  Make sure it is a great deal.  I compare prices to Sam’s Club because that is most likely where I would shop to get these products.  But you can do the comparison shopping yourself.

4.  After your product ships then cancel all those products completely out of your subscribe and save account.  This will help if there are coupons in the future – you can reuse the coupons, so to speak, but not unless you cancel them out of your account.

So here are the 5 products I got this month.  I have until the 30th to change my items each month (your date will be different) and then it will ship the following week. These prices are today’s prices.  Amazon changes their prices minute by minute so act quick if you want to take advantage of this.  Usually I get everything by the 5th of each month but sometimes it runs a little behind and will get here by the 9th like it says.

my subscribe and save

So I got the Cottonelle toilet paper.  This is our favorite brand and I try to only buy Cottonelle if I can find a good deal on it.  My goal is less than $.25 per single roll.  This package equal to 86 single rolls because they are larger rolls.  So you can see after you clip the coupon and get the 15% for having 5 or more items in your S&S I am getting 36 mega rolls for $15.25.  That is $.17 a roll and well below my stock up price.  At Sam’s the price is about the same, so no huge savings there but I don’t have to lug the huge package around while shopping at Sams – bonus!



cottonelle Next I got Finish Powerball detergent.  I try and buy Finish or Cascade depending on what is on sale.  After clipped coupons & SS savings I paid $8.63 which is $.10 a load.  Compare that to Sam’s Club at $.14 each. (Savings of $3.60)


finish balls

Next I got the Kotex big pack pantiliners for those light days (TMI – sorry). Sam’s didn’t have these exact ones but Walmart does for 5.5 cents each.  My Amazon S&S price after coupon clipped is 3.9 each.  (Savings = $1.60)

kotex amazon Next I got a 3 pack of Lysol wipes (great for stocking up to give to your child’s teachers) for $6.03 for a 3 pack or 2.5 cents each wipe.  Sam’s Club has a 4 pack which ends up being 4 cents each wipe.  (Savings = $3.60)

lysol amazon

I love these little Tide Pods.  I purchased them a few months back from Amazon and fell in love.  I haven’t tried the free & gentle formula but since it was cheaper by a tiny this month I decided to go for it.  After coupon clipped and S&S savings it is 14.4 cents a pod.  Sam’s price on these (not exact free & gentle formula) is 21 cents each. (Savings = $5.17)


tide-pods So I had a total savings this month of $13.97 over Sam’s Club to shop from my computer and have everything arrive on my doorstep.  I know that isn’t huge savings but it adds up each month and more than pays the $99 Prime membership each year.

So do you use Subscribe & Save?

* This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Should you decided to purchase and use my links I would be grateful to get a little kick back.