Always an Adventure with the Farrants

Ok so my MIL is like a “create memories” freak. What does that mean? Well she lives and breathes for creating family memories. So let me tell you about our family memories this week. Well first off we were going to go camping. We got lost for two hours (because my FIL is the “Short cut king,”and Tim, who has been there about 15x’s in his life, suddenly forgot how to get there), then we found the spot we were going to camp because my BIL said he knew a super cool spot. Here is a picture of our super cool spot.

Well he failed to mention he hadn’t camped there in two years. So after being lost for two hours we found the secret site which now has become illegal to camp there. So never fear, we are Farrants we have a plan B. So we start looking for a campsite to no avail. No spot was available at any of the campgrounds so we decided to go home against my MIL’s will. Her plan C was to camp in the church’s football field. To which we gonged a resounding, “No.”

Today…we decided to take Isaac on the speed boat and go skiing and tubing (Plan A). Well dad forgot to charge the battery. (Plan B kicks in at this point). So we start charging the battery which took a half hour. But we got it charged. So we head out to the water and start tubing. Then Tim got his finger caught in the rope and dad stopped really quick and killed the boat. So now we are in the middle of the lake dead. Plan C – paddle back to shore and try to jump the boat again. Yah it worked! Tim gets on tube and the motor stops working now. So we go back to shore. Plan D go to Coldstone for icecream.