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I have adored, over the years of blogging, seeing all the different alphabet walls in nurseries and playrooms.  It adds a little whimsy to the room and, as an added bonus, helps preschool age children learn the alphabet.  I wanted in on the action to create an extreme impact on a wall in our playroom.  This “alphabet I heart you sign” is four feet by almost five feet!  It was a fairly simple project with a whole bunch of Krylon spray paint involved.

i heart you wood alphabet sign


Wood Letters: ITC Bookman Demi Font from Cut it Out

Primer (I sprayed mine on with my paint sprayer)

Sanding Sponge

Krylon Spray paint: Natural Stone: Limestone, Mambo Pink, Shimmer Metallic:Green, and Citrus Green

Heavy duty adhesive (I used Loctite Power Grab)

48” x 56” piece of 1/4” luan (any big box home improvement store can cut it for you)

Two picture hanging rings

Heavy duty hardware to hang it


black paint and paint roller

Minwax English Chestnut for frame

Tape measure

1” x 3” wood


Kreg Jig

1.  I got all of my letters from Cut it Out.  They can cut out letters in a bunch of different fonts.  The font I chose is ITC Bookman Demi.  They can do custom letters if you want another font, just email them for more information.  The only thing weird about the font I chose was the Q’s tail.  So I chopped that off with my saw so that it would fit.

(close up of the Krylon Limestone paint – it adds a bunch of texture and feels just like stone!)

stone spraypaint

2.  I laid out all my letters and spray primed the letters.  It was cheaper than buying spray can of paint since I already had it on hand.

home right spray sprayer review

3.  Once dry, I sprayed all the letters with Krylon’s Natural Stone in Jasper.  The “I” was sprayed Shimmer Metallic Green, the “heart” was Mambo Pink and the “U” was Citrus Green.

close up of alphabet sign

4.  I got 1/4” luan cut at Lowes and then rolled on two coats of black paint for the background.

laying out letters for alphabet sign

5.  Then we lined the letters up trying to measure and squeeze them in as best as we could.  We used Loctite Power Grab (since I had great luck with it on my Wood Shim Starburst Mirror) to glue the letters on.

alphabet art

6.  I put another piece of luan with weight on top overnight so it would dry nicely.

alphabet i heart you sign

7.  Next we attached picture rings to the back of the luan making sure they aligned with a letter since the board is so thin.

hanging the alphabet sign

8.  My husband and I hung the frame in place using the studs in the wall since it is so heavy.

i love you alphabet sign

9.  Next I made a frame from 1” x 3” wood using the same process as the magnetic wall display.  I stained it Minwax English Chestnut to match since they are on kiddie corner walls from each other.

alphabet on walls

10.  Using a small air nailer I attached a nail in each corner to hold the frame in place.

oversized alphabet sign

HOLY COW does this make a huge impact in our playroom.  It is huuuuuge!  And heavvvvvyyy! And I love it!

alphabet art on wall

I will give you a grand tour of the playroom soon.  I have one more project to complete before I show you.

alphabet art sign

Click here to see the full playroom reveal.

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Krylon.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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  1. You really don’t get the impact of the size until you see the picture of your daughter in front of it. WOWZER!!! That IS HUGE! Decorating the playroom used to be alot of fun (and I had the pleasure of doing it in two homes!). Really love this.

  2. I love this so much Beckie! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This is so cute! I made a printable one like this, but I love this more because it makes such a huge impact on the room!

  4. This is just he cutest project Beckie. I love the highlighted I {heart} U. So happy, fun and sweet. Adorable!!!!

  5. Love the size! Totally random question, what brand is the table I’ve been searching for this one but didn’t know the brand. Thanks : )

  6. I LOVE this! I want to try and make one for our new playroom. Can you give me a little more guidance on the letter order? How big are the letters and how thick? Were they made out of MDF? Did they make the heart for you as well? This is really beautiful, thanks for posting it!

  7. Hi Kathy, I am so glad you like this project! I do know that the letters are made of MDF; however, I am not sure on the rest. You can choose a custom font and custom heart design that aren’t on the website. If you contact Ken at cutitoutalready@gmail.com and inquire about your specific project, he could give you some of those dimensions. I hope that helps, and I would love to know if you do make this art!

  8. slightly off topic… where did you get that table?! I have been looking for something similar but can’t find it anywhere.

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