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If you have been a LONG time reader of IC I have blogged before about my frustration with the whole “baby bedding in a bag”.  I absolutely loved my son’s Osh Kosh baby bedding.  The bright colors, the patterns, the had it all.

However, when I upgraded his room to a big boy room I was disappointed there was not a twin size comforter I could purchase to go with the bedding I received as a gift.  Those bedding sets are pricey.  I believe mine was $250.  I had a bunch of friends “go in” on it to purchase it for me.  So I have vowed to reuse all the fabric from the bedding.

I reupholstered a chair with some of the bumper fabric….

I also redid a child’s size glider for the reading nook in my son’s room with the quilt….

I also used scraps for some initial bookends…

I reused the baby pillows and threw them on his big boy bed.

IMG_0524 Well Isaac is almost 4.  I think it is time to upgrade the pillows as well.  I reused some of the fabric for the cording on his new “adventure pillow.”IMG_0526 I mean look at this kid, he is the epitome of adventure…IMG_0598DSCN0443DSC04836 So I embroidered a pillow with the definition of adventure on it (designed by my friend Amy) and added some colorful cording to coordinate (say that 5 times fast!).IMG_0525

IMG_0527IMG_0529 What do you think?  It goes well with his current bedding (Circo Boy Color Block from Target).  Perfect for my adventurous little guy!

Check out some more canvas drop cloth pillows here…


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  1. Wow, you are amazing! I can't believe all the ways you've used the fabric from that bedding set. What a great idea! That makes me think I could do that with some baby blankets that my baby (now
    2 1/2) has outgrown, but I can't quite get rid of…thank you for sharing, you are so creative!

  2. Love it! I've been thinking of making cushions for my daughter from baby blankets she no longer uses. I love all your other ideas too! TFS!

    And your son is just ADORABLE!!

  3. You did a great job reusing all of the old bedding! I love the pillow that Amy made for you. So cute. And your son is just adorable!

    How is Amy doing? I've been thinking about her. I'm sure she's been busy spending time with her hubby!

  4. That is a really good idea! The bedding set I registered for for my son ("for which I registered for?" Having a grammar lapse) was on clearance but I still feel like it wasn't the best use of money. I only used the bumper half of the time, and only used the blanket as wall art since newborns don't use them.

    This new baby is going to be a girl, and I think I am just going to DIY her crib stuff to save some cash. Maybe I can use the old stuff to make the patterns.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The new comforters are so cute for a boys room. Love the big boy beds too! Perfect for when he starts having friends over.

  6. I just transitioned my four year old to a queen bed and it was tough to find something not too sophisticated and yet not too babyish. You have done that beautifully. I will post pictures later this week of his room in progress.

  7. I love that you repurposed that bedding! I spent a lot on crib bedding too, and it never occurred to me to try using it in a different way. Love the new pillow, and your little guy is precious. 🙂

  8. I love the pillow. You said your friend designed it…did she do that freehand or are there stencils available somewhere? I'd love to make personalized pillows as Christmas gifts this year, but I'd never be able to freehand that text. Any suggestions?

  9. Love how you've reused it! I should do that too–I loved the girls' baby bedding…
    his hair is gah-reat too–what a fun little personality methinks he has 🙂

  10. How creative! I love how you reused all that fabric. I'm seriously gonna have to learn how to sew. Really.
    I love the ADVENTURE pillow!

  11. looks awesome I wish I was as creative as you. I always have to see the idea then steal it, lol. Nicely done.

  12. His rooms looks super cute! The colors are bright and perfect for a little man. 🙂 The pillow is a fun addition. I really like the trend of words and definitions that started in scrapbooking and carried over perfectly into the decorating world!

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