5 Ways Upcycle Fabric Scraps

I don’t know many crafters who don’t have a stash of fabric scraps somewhere.  Some of them have much bigger stashes than others ( I won’t name any names…we know who we are), but the feeling of being unable to throw away such pretty pieces of fabric–no matter how small–is mutual.


Even if you don’t collect bits of fabric and squirrel them away for “someday”, it’s fun to make a project now and then that uses many different types fabric in a way that involves little to no sewing.  Here are five fun ways to upcycle fabric scraps–or just to get an excuse to collect lots of pretty fabric–with projects for around your home.  Enjoy!


1. Make a Rug


This beautifully textured rug made by Everyday Art for Craftaholics Anonymous is made from hundreds of strips of fabric.  I can imagine so many fun combinations of color and pattern for this!

2. Make Fabric Twine


Wrapping bits of fabric into one long strand, or “twine” is a fantastic way to use up random scraps.  My Poppet shows how to make the twine and how to make this pretty floor mat from the twine.

3. Make a Garland


Fabric scrap garlands are nothing new, but the one I made for my daughter’s bedroom lights up!  I can’t tell you how magical it is to see the lights shining through the pretty fabric at night.

4. Make a Wreath


Tying fabric scraps around a wreath form is another easy way to decorate your home with leftovers.  The Art of Homemaking shares a tutorial for this scrap wreath.

5.  Make a Lampshade


The Pleated Poppy shared this scrappy lampshade tutorial years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite scrap fabric projects, ever.

Do you have trouble tossing your fabric scraps?  Have you found any fun ways to use up the scraps in your stash?

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