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As any parent will tell you, bringing up kids is all about transitions. The transition from a nursery to a toddler’s bedroom is one of the big ones. Not only does it usually mean moving into a big bed rather than a cot, it also means that they are old enough to use and express themselves in their own space. Follow these five tips to create a warm, welcoming space your little one will love spending time in.

Transitioning a Baby to a Big Boy Room

1. Clever storage
Bedrooms are perfect for storing your toddler’s ever growing mounds of toys and clothes, but if you choose your methods of storage well they can also support key stages of your child’s learning. It is a good idea to provide most of the storage at toddler height- for example drawers and boxes they can reach in, and a lower rail on the wardrobe. This will help your toddler take ownership over their things, encouraging them to put toys away and help to make decisions about which clothes they would like to wear.

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2. A place to relax
If you have enough space, why not create somewhere for you and your toddler to have a bit of down-time, such as a corner of the room next to a book shelf? Colorful bean bags, floor cushions, a comfy rug and/or soft lighting will help make the space cozy and inviting so you can spend some one on one time with your little one.


3. Activity stations

Incorporate elements of play into a toddler’s bedroom by setting up a permanent table and chair or easel, with plenty of paper and non-toxic crayons. Left to their own devices, it is amazing to watch how creative young children can be and the  finished pieces will make wonderful art for the walls.

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4. Safe and supportive slumber

Choosing your child’s bed is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. The decision of whether you opt for a toddler bed or a full size bed is very much down to your own child. If you’re interested in loosely following the Montessori-style, which puts everything within a child’s reach, then you might opt for a bed on the floor, with a quilt they can easily maneuver themselves. Bear in mind that some cot mattresses from Tesco can be softer than those for toddler’s beds, so test a few out yourself before you buy and get your child involved too!

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5. Less is sometimes more

Finally, although it is tempting to fill your child’s room with all of their favorite things, do bear in mind that a room that is too full can be chaotic and confusing for little ones. Keep clutter to a minimum – you are aiming for a blank canvas for your child to play creatively in.

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Feeling inspired? Got some tips of your own for creating a great toddler’s bedroom? We would love to hear your experiences – share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Images by William Jones and Sarah Embaby used under the Creative Commons license.

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