5 Ways to Style a Hot Chocolate Station

I know I’ve told you before that my all-time favorite cold weather drink is hot chocolate.  I’m craving some right now, just typing this!  Well, I spotted this beautifully styled hot chocolate bar at Gig Masters this week, and not only did it inspire me, it got me started on a search to find the yummiest examples of DIY hot chocolate stations that I could find.

Gig Masters hot chocolate bar

These hot cocoa stations aren’t just pretty to look at, they make a fun and festive addition to any holiday party or open house you might be hosting this year.  You can create one using items you already have on hand, or go crazy with crafting up some new ways to share my favorite cup of cheer.  I thought it would be fun today to share five hot chocolate bars that were DIYed by creative hostesses.  Just remember: if you have a hot chocolate bar at your event, please invite me!

Hot Chocolate Bar Collage

1.  Chalkboard Sign Backdrop

Pen 'n Paper Flowers hot chocolate bar

Chalkboard signs are so on trend right now, and this cocoa station at Pen ‘n Paper Flowers took full advantage of that.  Along with the fun framed chalkboard sign, check out the darling details of this station, like the wooden scoops and snow-drifted cake stand.

2. Printable Tags

Yellow Bliss Road hot chocolate printables

Love the chalkboard motif?  Yellow Bliss Road created these adorable printable chalkboard tags for a hot chocolate bar.

3. Hot Chocolate on the Porch

Celebrating Every Day porch chocolate bar

Not only is this cocoa station at Celebrating Everyday Life beautifully styled, it has a creative twist on this theme: instead of being indoors, it’s outside!  I think that’s a great idea if you are hosting a houseful for the holidays, or if there’s a weekend in your neighborhood when everyone is outside decorating their yards for Christmas.

4.  Creative Toppings

Tatertots & Jello hot chocolate toppins

Not only does this hot chocolate bar at Tatertots & Jello have cute printable tags, there are soooo many yummy things to stir into the mugs!  Check out this party for some tasty ideas.

5.  Christmas Cheer

Cozycakes Cottage Christmas hot chocolate

Cozycakes Cottage proves that you don’t need a big piece of furniture or a kitchen island to lay out a cocoa station.  Check this one out to get ideas for incorporating Christmas decorations into the hot chocolate bar.

What do you think?  Is a hot cocoa bar something you would like to have at your next holiday gathering?  Which spot your house would you use for a cocoa station?  And what’s your favorite thing to stir into a warm drink?