5 Ways Redo Basement Laundry Room

When I posted plans for a slim, rolling laundry room cart recently, I mentioned that for now–and for various reasons–our laundry area is in the basement.  Not the most cheerful of spots for the mundane task of sorting, washing, and folding clothes, but we’re making it work for now.


While ultimately I would love to have my laundry spot upstairs by our bedrooms, I know that the time for that renovation project is a ways off.  In the meantime, I’m not opposed to sprucing up the part of my basement where my washer and dryer live these days.  Check out some of the inspiration I’ve found:  here are 5 Ways to Redo a Basement Laundry Room.


1. Add Color


Structurally, there were really not any changes made to this laundry room at Bees Knees Bungalow.  Instead, the homeowners opted to make inexpensive changes with color (and pattern) to the space to make it a happier place to spend time getting the clothes clean.

2. Cover it Up


At Southern Hospitality, paint, stencils, and textiles hide a multitude of ugly basement features.  Much like the laundry room above, these were inexpensive ways to make the best of what they had.

3. Brighten Things Up


Even a finished basement can be dark and feel dingy without proper lighting.  When Making It Lovely finished of their basement laundry room, they chose good lighting and light, bright finishes to keep things looking clean and cheerful.

4. Make It Cute


Stacy Risenmay knew they didn’t have the budget for actual walls and a finished laundry space.  But she could freshen up the space by adding cute touches like weathered gray paneling, a pretty shelf, curtains, and fun accessories.  Everything looks so good together that this looks like the kind of spot where you could enjoy folding laundry!

5.  Add Personality


Corrugated metal and paneling hide some of the utilitarian features of this laundry room, but the rest (like old pipes) are incorporated into the decor with antiques and salvaged treasures.  It all adds up to make a space filled with personality at Knick of Time.

Have you tackled an unlovely basement room or some other forgotten space in your home?  What did you do to make it look better for less?

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  1. Ok, I am DEFINITELY loving the vintage vibe of that pastel “laundrette” picture! I might just have to try it out for our laundry room – it’s often a little spooky in there for me, so it makes laundry even more of a chore.

  2. It’s really nice how changing the colors can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the room.
    Good lighting also makes the place more welcoming.

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