5 Ways Painted Floors

Guys, I know.  Flooring can be pricey.  It can really empty your pockets of hard-earned cash fast.  The larger the floor, the more money you’ll have to spend.  And the options for flooring?  Endless.  That’s right, there’s a color, texture, finish, and material for everyone, and their little dog, too.  You haven’t really learned to appreciate the word “overwhelmed” until you’ve visited a flooring store.  And floors take a beating, too.  With all the traffic and spills, most flooring options need to be replaced or refinished periodically.


Beautiful floors at Splendid Sass and HGTV

The good news is that a change of flooring can make a world of difference in a space.  And I’m not here to give you any bad news–the additional good news is that even though updating your floors with new materials can be expensive, there are ways to makeover the floors you already own.  Talk about cost savings!

Today, I’m sharing five examples of how homeowners used paint to give their floors a new look.  Keep in mind, in most cases paint was a temporary solution to restyle the original floors until they could afford a permanent solution.  This might not be for everyone….but if you have an ugly floor and empty pockets, a little color and pattern may be just the style upgrade your home needs.  Check out these 5 Ways to Paint a Floor.


1.  Paint Your Tile


First up, we have this pretty gray chevron floor from Retropolitan.  Ripping up the ugly tile in their laundry room seemed like a lot of work, so they painted it, instead.

2.  Paint Your Linoleum


A Warm Conversation is slowly updating their kitchen.  Their old linoleum looked terrible against freshly painted cabinetry, so they went ahead and painted over it.  Stencils really up the wow factor for this floor.

3.  Paint Your Plywood


When the beautiful hand-scraped hardwoods Thistlewood Farms wanted for their master bedroom proved to be way over budget, they didn’t despair.  Instead, they pulled up the dated carpet in the room and–I’m not kidding–painted the plywood subfloor underneath.  It looks awesome!

4.  Paint Your Cement


In another example of old carpet being stripped away, Lolly Jane pulled the carpet back to find cement floor.  Undaunted, they painted pretty yellow stripes onto the cement in this craft room.

5.  Paint Your Wood


When Perfectly Imperfect laid inexpensive pine board floors in their daughter’s bedroom, they already knew they wanted a painted floor.  Instead of waiting until the flooring was laid, they saved their knees by painting each board with chalk paint before it was nailed down.  Pretty!

Do you have a love or hate relationship with the flooring in your house?  Do any of these examples make you think that paint might be an option for you?  One word of advice, before you spend any time painting, make sure you’ve done your research and know what you’ll need to do to protect the paint from foot traffic.

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