5 Ways to Organize Your Familys Command Center

The Army, NASA, and any busy family have one thing in common: they all need a central command station. Whether you’re moving troops, putting a man on the moon, or just trying to get three kids to three different activities on time, it takes planning….and a dedicated space to do that planning. So let’s see how to organize a family Mc command center.  

Quite a few moms have organization at the top of their to-do lists, and creating a Mc command center (my daughter’s idea) is one way to do that. I’ve loved having the calendar I made for my family in a place where we can all see it and use it.  

Whether you have a whole room, a small wall, or just a spot on a bookshelf at your disposal, I’ve found five great ways that you can create your own family central command station – on a budget – with easy-to-find supplies.

What’s a Mc command center?

Haha, I asked exactly the same when my daughter came up with that name. I told her what I was doing and she suggested that I should add the Mc…I later found out it is something to do with a computer game.

The “MC Command Center” (MCCC) is a popular user-created modification for “The Sims 4,” a life simulation video game.

It enhances the game by adding features such as story progression for non-playable Sims, population control, relationship customization, career and skill adjustments, and more.

Anyways, in our context, it is a designated space or system where a family organizes and manages important information, schedules, and tasks.

It serves as a centralized hub for communication and coordination among family members.

A family command center typically includes features like a calendar for tracking appointments and activities, a bulletin board for posting notes and reminders, a meal planner, a to-do list, and perhaps storage for important documents and items.

It helps streamline daily routines, reduce clutter, and keep the family organized and on the same page by providing a single location for essential information and planning.

Family command centers can be physical, like a wall-mounted organizer in a kitchen or a digital platform, such as a shared family calendar app.

5 Great Ways to Organize a Family Command Center

1.  Command Station in a Binder

If space is an issue at your house, then Abby’s FREE printable planner is a smart solution to keeping your command station compact. 

Abby created the contents of this family organization binder and designed them to be both easy to use and fun to look at.  

She’s thought of everything and shares the FREE printable versions so you can make your own!

2.  Magnetic Command Station

Landee See, Landee Do solves the problem of school newsletters and birthday invitations falling off the refrigerator door every time you reach for the milk.  

With a magnetic family organization station on the side of the fridge.

Gotta love those little buckets she clipped on to hold pens and paraphernalia.

3.  Abacus Wall Calendar Station

Ashely at The Handmade Home had a little more wall space to create her family’s planning station.  

Inspired by a vintage abacus, she created a perpetual calendar with plenty of space alongside for to-do lists, chore charts, and even backpacks.

4.  Command Center with Bags

At The Yellow Cape Cod, everyone knows where to find the things they need for the day ahead. That is thanks to the personalized canvas totes that hang by their command station.  

A big chalkboard helps them keep track of chores and reminders.

5.  Furnished Command Central

There was enough room for Brook to add this pretty dresser to her family’s planning zone. (A $30 Goodwill find!)  

The area is devoted to keeping track of the family schedule and helping everyone know what their responsibilities are.  

You’ll find all the details (and printable chore sheets!) at Being Brook.

Is organization on your to-do list?  What will you tackle first?

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  1. Great ideas! We have one of the big wall command centers, but I love the idea of the command center binder, too. Such a terrific way to stay organized on the go. Thanks for sharing.

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