5 ways to make your backyard more fun

It’s been a loooooong winter for some of us.  Am I right?  Summer can’t come too soon.  Those of us living in parts of the U.S. that have been hammered by snow this year are ready for some sunshine!  The kids have been getting so stir crazy during these long, cold days, and I can’t wait to let them run and play outside!  I’m determined to give my kids lots of opportunities to play out of doors once it warms up.  I’ve been brainstorming ideas for how we can make our backyard the spot where everyone wants to come and play, and I’m getting excited about the possibilities.  There are some great ideas out there that anyone with a little DIY spirit and room to spare can put together to make their backyards entertaining for people of all ages.  Read on to learn 5 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun.


1. Install a Climbing Wall


The Wright Family put an empty wall to good use by turning it into a climbing gym.  They anchored climbing holds into the cement wall that is part of their foundation.  To create a soft place to land, they turned the ground beneath it into a sandbox–making this space doubly fun!

2. Make Room for Dancing


How fun would this outdoor dance floor be for parties?  Your Home Based Mom built this one for a backyard wedding, and it was a hit!  Hers can be separated into sections for storage, but you could always make a smaller version.  Paint or stain it any color you like and crank up the music!

3.  Make a Movie Screen


There’s something really pleasant about being able to enjoy a movie under the twinkling stars.  Plus, it’s easier to clean up the spilled popcorn out there!  No need to spend a lot of money on an outdoor entertainment system when you can at least follow the tutorial at Running With Scissors to make your own screen.

4.  Make a Pizza Oven


This idea sounds both delicious and entertaining–perfect for summer parties!  It’s a wood-fired pizza oven.  Debbiedoo’s built this one several years ago, and reports that it’s still getting regular use.  Yummy!

5. Create a Water Play Station


A Lovely Lark made this adorable water play station from a thrifted end table.  This project is obviously great if you have small children, but since it doesn’t take up much room, it’s also a great option for people with small outdoor spaces or those who have children who visit.

I shared a few more great ideas for backyard fun here last spring.  I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have for making outdoor spaces more welcoming and entertaining.

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