5 Ways to Make a Spring Wreath

I love a good wreath. They are fun to make and usually don’t take very long from start to finish. It’s always nice to have something pretty on the door to welcome your visitors. As you are freshening up your house for spring weather, don’t forget your door decor and keep reading how to make a Spring Wreath!

Today, I picked out five examples of Spring wreaths that all have terrific tutorials. Each one uses upcycled or repurposed materials. Some of them veer from the traditional round shape.

They are all lovely, and I know any one of them would bring the neighbors over to borrow a cup of sugar….just so they had an excuse to get a better look!

5 Ways to Make a Spring Wreath

5 Ways to Make a Spring Wreath

1.  Upcycled


How fun is this wreath made from a bicycle wheel? The flowers on this unique wreath at Create.Craft.Love. are made from aluminum.  

Talk about taking recycling to a whole new–and beautiful–level!

2.  Framed


Inspired by the lovely silk peonies at the craft store, Little Miss Celebration filled an empty frame with the blooms.  

This is a fun departure from the typical round wreath. Make sure you follow the link to see how this wreath was made.

3.  Handcrafted


The blooms on this are too pretty not to be real, right?  Believe it or not, they are handcrafted from easy-to-find crepe paper! (I’m dying over the pretty daffodil in this bouquet.)  

You can learn how to make flowers like these at The House That Lars Built.

4.  Bagged


Here’s another wreath that departs from the traditional circle, and it’s delightful!  

My Soulful Home uses this burlap tote decorated with a vintage postal stamp to display a pretty floral arrangement on their front door.

5.  Filtered


You may have seen a coffee filter wreath before, but just look at all the fun you can have adding color to this project with watercolor paints!  

Think of all the fun you could have painting filters lots of different colors!

There’s a tutorial for this at A Place of My Taste.

Which of these wreaths is your favorite?  

Do you like to keep your door decor simple, or go wild with color and pattern? What’s on your front door right now?


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