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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  pillows are one of the easiest ways to change up a room.  You can use them for an unexpected pop of color, to add a novel texture, or as inexpensive holiday decor.  Even a beginning seamstress can follow the steps to make a basic pillow, and making them yourself means you have limitless options for color, texture, fabric, shapes, and trims.  I genuinely enjoy making them.  Have you noticed that there’s a new option on my menu bar for pillows?  Clicking there will take you to a gallery of all the pillows I’ve made.  And today I’m excited to share five more fantastic DIY pillow projects.


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1.  With Doilies
Here’s a fun way to show off those vintage doilies you found.  Rachel at Smile and Wave provides a really good tutorial for how to turn old doilies into new pillows.  
2.  With Trim
Susan from Living with Punks turned a plain pillow into a total statement piece with the addition of huge poms.  Just the addition of trim was all it took to make this a pillow with pizzazz.
3.  With Placemats
At First Lady of the House, all it took to create this lovely pillow was a purchased placemat, a little unpicking, and a few stitches.  Easy peasy!  An easy-to-follow tutorial provides all the help you need to whip up a few of these.
4.  With a Retro Vibe
This fun shag pillow comes from V and Company.  Made from soft jersey fabric, it really looks like something that would be great for cuddling.  And how fun is that color for spring?
5.  With Felt
I think these pillows from The Purl Bee are absolutely stunning.  The layers of felt create such dimension and color drama.    Follow the simple steps of the tutorial to make your own.
Do you like pillows as much as I do?  Think you might try your hand at making one or two?  I would love to see some pictures of what you’ve made!

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  1. I totally pinned this! Love pillows and you’re right, they are the EASIEST way to spruce up a room! I grabbed a button from you too, I’m a new blogger and I love your blog!

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