5 ways to make a homework station

A friend told me that one school year, the first homework assignment given to one of her children was to create a “homework station.” The teacher sent home a list of requirements, and required the children to make a poster with pictures of the homework station they created and write a report about it!

While that may be a little over the top, the concept of a homework station is a good one. Since kids often have a hard time concentrating on their work at home, it’s a very good idea to establish a place for them to work,” educator Robert Hogland says.  

ikea family office
ikea family office

As I looked more into this concept, I discovered something pretty cool: a homework station doesn’t require an entire room or even a desk! I found a wide range of ways that creative do-it-yourselfers have incorporated this idea into their family homes.

In some cases, there are rooms and desks, but in others the homework station is mobile. Really, there’s no wrong way to make a homework station.

The important thing is that you include the supplies your child might need so that they can successfully sit down and work on their assignments.

Check out these 5 Ways to Make a Homework Station.


IKEA home office makeover homework station

1.  Make It Mobile


Smashed Peas and Carrots needed a flexible homework station, since her kids have been known to do homework in the kitchen, dining room, or porch.  The Ikea Raskog cart was the perfect solution for their needs: it offers plenty of storage space and it can roll anywhere they need it to go.

2.  Make It Mini


There wasn’t much space at The House of Smiths for a homework station, so they decided to keep it simple and easy to stash, if they needed the space for something else.  The homework tray they made is an idea that can be incorporated into any home!

3.  Make It Multifunctionalgreen-black-homework-craft-stationIf you have a room in your house that you can designate just for homework, that’s awesome.  But the challenge for many of us is that we need our rooms to do more than one thing.  Classy Clutter set aside part of the playroom for both homework and crafts.

4.  Make It Work

home office from dining room

On the other hand, sometimes there’s a room in your house that just isn’t living up to it’s potential, and you could make it work better for your needs.  That was the case with our front room.  We transformed into a His, Hers, and Us Home Office. This room is now a perfect place for adults and kids to work at home.

5.  Make It Over

homework shelf details
homework shelf details

No need to run out and buy something if you are trying to create a homework space.  This vintage library cart has had several uses already at the 4 Men 1 Lady house.  It’s most recent transformation was being repurposed into a homework station.

Is a homework station something you’ve already put together at your house?  I’d love it if you would share your tips with me for how you keep your family organized during the busy school year.  And, if you need a few ideas yourself, check out 5 Ways to Get Your House Ready for School.


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