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Having a spot close to the kitchen for storing bulk ingredients and other supplies is a must. The kitchen pantry has long been one of the hardest working rooms in our homes.  For a few decades, though, they became a thing of the past as homeowners embraced a modern age that included processed foods.  Fortunately, in recent years, we’ve started demanding extra storage space in the kitchen, and the pantry is back.  Most builders include a pantry of some kind in their plans, now.  Just because it’s there, though, doesn’t mean it’s pretty!  Wire shelving, ineffective lighting, and cramped spaces are all fairly typical of builder-grade pantries.  Get ideas for upgrading yours with these 5 Ways to Make a Pretty Pantry.


1. Size Doesn’t Matter



IHeart Organizing proves that square feet don’t make a difference when you are prettifying a pantry, but organization does.  Jen worked with what she had by enhancing it with impressive details like pressed tin tiles, colorful labels, and patterned shelf paper.

2. Upgraded Shelving


Painting the walls a gorgeous color and replacing wire shelving with solid shelves made a huge difference in the pantry at The Handmade Home.   Rustic crate boxes and vintage labels don’t hurt, either.

3. Luxe Details


The pantry is one of those utilitarian spaces that don’t get much attention when it comes to design and detail.  A Prudent Life turned their pantry into a design showcase by focusing on the details.  Check out all of the fun elements like tiled walls, brass fixtures, and chalkboard art.

4. Keep It Bright


Poor lighting can make even the most spacious pantry a pit of despair.  Make sure your pantry is well lit and keep it light and bright with a punchy wall color and slim shelves, like this well-organized pantry at Honey & Fitz.

5. Restyle It


Bifold doors and crowded shelves just weren’t doing it at The DIY Village.  They created a more calm, organized pantry by installing actual cabinetry into the closet space.  The new pantry adds to the style and overall appearance of the kitchen, instead of subtracting style every time the doors open!

Do you have a pantry?  Have you ever thought of giving it a more polished look?  What does the pantry of your dreams look like?

Pantry design in the title photo from Hayburn.

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  1. I like the FIRST picture you have in this post… The one you have the title “5 ways to have a pretty pantry” written across. Such a great idea for my son’s house. Was this a stock photo OR an idea you found on a web site? If so, where? BTW, I like – no, LOVE – every closet to be neat and inviting.

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