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I’m still a little bit giddy about my mudroom lockers.  It’s definitely been a dream of mine to have something like that, and I’m so glad I could make that dream happen (using a few power tools, of course) in my new house.  I can’t tell you how many pictures of mudrooms and lockers I’ve saved over the years, hoping to be able to recreate something similar in our home someday, but I can tell you that there are a ton of mudrooms to look at out there, and each of them is jam-packed with ideas.  Let’s take a look at one of those mudrooms today.  I spotted this one on Pinterest, it comes from House Plans.


 Doesn’t that look like a great laundry room?  Even though I didn’t put a cushion on my locker bench, I like the colors and pattern it adds to this room.  I like the gray and yellow color scheme, and there are some great accessories, like the giant scissors on the wall.  What an amazing space!

If you like what you’re seeing of this mudroom, then you are in luck!  I’ve found five tutorials to help you make your own mudroom look and feel like this pretty space.  Check out these 5 ways to get this look for less:

1. Giant Scissors Wall Art

The giant scissors on the wall in my inspiration photo make for some pretty unique wall art!  Check out this idea from  Morena’s Corner–for making a similar pair of scissors–that was posted at Stay at Homeista.

2. Roman Shades

I love the happy shade of yellow that was chosen as an accent color for my inspiration mudroom, and the roman shades over the window carry it off beautifully.  Something is Done shares a tutorial for making a very similar window dressing.

3. Mudroom Lockers

Tada!  While the lockers I made for my mudroom ended up being a bit different from those in the inspiration photo, (I chose to rock what I already had in stock while putting mine together), you can see quite a few similarities.  Click here to see my tips and instructions for building your own mudroom lockers.

4. Seat Cushion

At So You Think You’re Crafty, there’s a good tutorial from  Sew Like My Mom for making a bench cushion with contrasting piping.  I opted to go without a cushion for my lockers, but it’s definitely another good way to introduce color and pattern into the mudroom.

5. Slate Tile

I think the slate floor in my inspiration mudroom is stunning–it’s definitely got the wheels turning for what the next step will be in my mudroom adventures.  I found some good tips on DIY tiling for beginners at Boxy Colonial.

Is a mudroom in your future, or is it something on your dream house list?  (We all have one of those, right?)


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