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Confession time: someday I’d like to have a beach house. Not for the status, not for the view, not even for the ocean breeze…I want one so I can decorate it!  

There’s an unwritten rule that says beach houses must be whimsical and colorful and have lots of painted wood.  

What a dream come true for a crafty gal like me! A kitchen like this one (that I found at Indulgy) is exactly what I picture in my imaginary beach house.

Summer Kitchen Inspiration Picture

Things that speak to me in this room are the soft colors, the interesting textures (stainless steel and butcher block), and cool retro details like the Smeg refrigerator and barn lights.  

It’s definitely got a beach cottage vibe, but it conveys that look without hanging a surfboard on the wall or displaying a seashell collection.

Don’t let the cottage simplicity of this room fool you, though. This look could cost you a pretty penny–and not just for the beachfront building lot!  

Have you seen how much a Smeg refrigerator costs? Luckily, I’ve found five great options for DIYing this look.

5 Ways to Get the Retro Look

1.  Stainless Steel Island

I really like the stainless steel top on this table-style island. You can retrofit a counter height table with stainless steel to get a similar look.

Just follow the DIY stainless steel countertop tutorial in Pinterest.

2.  Wallpaper

gift wrapping paper

It’s no secret that Wallpaper–especially the pretty stuff–doesn’t come cheaply.  

Luckily, Jones Design Company has discovered an inexpensive alternative: gift wrapping paper!  

Find a pattern you love then check out the tutorial.

3.  Barn Light

colorful barn lights

Don’t you love the colorful barn lights hanging over the table in my inspiration photo?  

At Home On the Bay claims it’s a cinch to reproduce these–in any color–with an Ikea Foto Pendant (only $14.99!) and spray paint.  

A great look for a low cost.

4.  Retro Fridge

retro-style refrigerator

Love the look–and pretty colors–of retro-style refrigerators but hate the hefty price tag?  

It’s the perfect look for a beach house kitchen, but you can actually achieve a similar look by painting the fridge you already have (or the one you can afford).  

Cozy Crooked Cottage shows us how.

5.  Butcher Block Countertops

butcher block countertops

The butcher block countertops in my inspiration photo are the perfect contrast to the pretty painted pastels that surround them.  

Ikea offers some affordable options, but many of you–like me–don’t have an Ikea conveniently down the street from your home.  

Luckily, there’s a tutorial for making your own butcherblock countertops at Keeping It Cozy.

Do you dream of a cozy beach house or mountain cottage?  

Which part of this room would you love to copy?

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  1. I’m with you! I don’t want a beach house for any other reason than to decorate it in a whimsy style. I wouldn’t mind looking out at the beach from a hammock tho.


  2. Ahh… so pretty! I love how simple and classic it is. I hate fussy spaces with the granite, busy backsplash, different toned cabinets, tons of fancy appliances. This is just so relaxing.

    I don’t want to live near a beach or in the mountains. My “dream house” is building an off-grid home in my hometown, located in a desert valley an hour from civilization. It’s flat desert, but beautiful mountains and the sunsets are incredible. I plan on putting money away so we can eventually invest in property out there. I think about it all the time!

  3. Actually my dream is actually having a lake house…one where we could live year round and enjoy boating, tubing, waterskiing and fishing. I don’t know if that dream will ever come true but that is what I think about.

  4. yah I don’t like sand between my toes myself. I can appreciate a nice beach house but I just really want to decorate it. HA!

  5. Just wanted let you know I love this new series you are doing! My dream house is a stone farmhouse with a wrap around front porch set in the countryside with rolling hills,stone fence,lots of lavender and flowers along with some sheep and chickens. Oh and have to have a stream and a large tree in which we could put a swing.

  6. I just had to get to the comment section AND then I’ll read your post! I too am obsessed with having a beach house. I want one for several reasons but agree I have all these ideas that will only do in my home on the water! I would have Dash and Albert rugs galore (in all those fun, bright stripes), barn lights, the lights that flash up on the side screens of blogs–but I can never locate–that have a wood shingle look to them in pretty pastels. They speak cottage bedroom, guest room. A row of beds for kids (would be grand kids for me at that point) each with a beautiful quilt in colors that complement each other. Whitewashed boards running every direction, bead board, beautifully colored wicker chairs…have I forgotten anything??? Seriously though–I grew up in Petoskey, MI. I spent days at the beach, visited my grandma’s cottage nearby and grew up in a summer tourist town. And did not appreciate it one bit until the days I left for college and drove back to that area to visit friends. I tell you, my husband and I go through ridiculous phases of “we could eat Ramen noodles and get the place…we could fix it up and rent it out. Mind you we live about 12 hours from this area! OK…enough…I am on a tangent. If anyone is looking for heaven on earth check out Northern MI in the summer.

  7. I love the old refrigerators! We found one from the 1950s at a garage sale and I wanted it SOOO bad. However my husband in his logic asked “how much do you think the electricity will cost for that” and I am sure it does not have an energy star rating. 🙁 still would have looked nice!

  8. I love the light, airy colors…my mom lives on the Chesapeake Bay and she painted the floor of her second story balcony a beautiful turquoise…when you looked out it blends right in with the bay, I love it!

  9. Gina, so glad you are enjoying the new layout of the “Five Ways” posts! Your dream home sounds very picturesque. I love all the detail and can tell you’ve thought about it a time or two. 😉

  10. With that kind of passion, I have no doubt you will get that beach house one day! 😉 My dad has a lake house in MI, and we have such a blast visiting there each summer. I dream about having a lake house too one day and spending long days on the water. We can all dream, right?

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