summer mudroom 5 ways

Newsflash:  kids come with stuff.  A lot of stuff.  It’s a huge sanity saver to be able to contain and corral all that kid stuff.  Like I showed you earlier this week, that was the goal behind turning our front room into our playroom–it gave us a place for the kids to play with and store their toys.  We deal with toy clutter year round, and you know what else we deal with year round?  Outdoor clothing and equipment.  In the winter there are coats and boots, in the summer we have towels, suits, bubbles, and balls.  So when I spotted these mudroom lockers in Traditional Home I was inspired.


Dedicated mudrooms are probably the one thing all moms have in common on their dream home must-have list.  In reality, not all of us have the space for an entire room.  These built-ins look like something that–with a little creativity–could be part of my reality.  Instead of an entire room, these could fit along a wall, in a hallway, or in the garage.  Just imagine having all of those hooks and buckets for containing seasonal gear!


After finding this inspiration photo from Traditional Home, I couldn’t wait to look for ways to get this kind of organization in my life.  Here are five ways to to just that, with an emphasis on budget-friendly, DIY projects.  Enjoy!


1.  Lockers and Shelves


The Kim Six Fix needed a storage solution for outdoor gear, but needed something that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Ikea shelving to the rescue!  This storage unit came together for just over $300!

2.  Hooded Towels


There need to be plenty of towels ready to go for kids who are swimming, running through sprinklers, and having water fights during the hot summer months.  The Cottage Mama has a tutorial for these cute hooded towels.

3.  Stenciled Linoleum


Do you have an ugly linoleum floor you wish you could get rid of?  A Home Full of Color shares an excellent temporary solution.  View the tutorial for painting and stenciling over linoleum, and don’t miss the before and after photos of this one!

4.  Piped Bench Cushion


If you have a mudroom bench, it’s always nice to have a soft spot for little tushies to land when boots and flippers are coming off their feet.  I like this easy-to-follow tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl.

5.  Patterned Buckets


I just love all those buckets in my inspiration photo.  What a great way to keep smaller clothing items, toys, and equipment off the floor and out of sight!  Simplicity In the South has a great tutorial for turning any galvanized bucket into a fun, patterned bucket with tons of personality (for way less than Pottery Barn prices).

I hope your summer is off to a good start!  Do you have any fun plans?  How about any tips for keeping kids busy?  I can definitely use those!

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