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You may have noticed that I like checking out home shows.  I love seeing the results of designers and builders working together to create “dream houses”.  I’m always thrilled when other bloggers attend or participate in home shows, because I get a chance to virtually tour some houses!  This spring, Jon and Sherry of Young House Love not only attended the Richmond, Virginia Homearama, they had a hand in designing and decorating one of the homes.  They’ve blogged in detail about the house and their experiences.  This light-filled office is one of the first rooms you see as you walk in the front door of their show home, so they wanted it to help set the tone for the rest of the house.light-bright-office

There’s an airy, sun-porch feel in this office, thanks to the simple furnishings and big windows.  I like the subtle use of bright colors in unexpected places.  Even though the colors are bright pastels, the bold patterns in the room keep it from looking overly feminine.


I thought it would be fun to look for ways a room like this could be DIYed.  I’ve found five tips and tutorials to help you achieve a similar look, for less.  Here are 5 Ways to Get This Look.


1.  Haint Blue Ceiling


The traditional Southern practice of painting porch ceilings blue is known as “haint blue”.  The blue ceiling in my inspiration photo is a nod to that, and certainly adds to the airy effect of this room, making it feel more like a sun porch than an office.  And who wouldn’t want to type up a report outside, if they had the choice?  Debbie Doo’s offers more haint blue painting ideas and tips.

2.  Wire Orb Light


The orb pendant light in the show house office helps maintain the airy feel of this room, since it really doesn’t block the line of vision from the door to the windows.  Small Home Love shares a tutorial for making a very similar light fixture using hanging flower baskets.

3.  Fiddle Leaf Fern


The large fiddle-leaf fig tree in my inspiration photo is another way the designers brought the outdoors in when they decorated the office.  Before you invest in one, you might want to do a bit of research to make sure it’s right for you.  Read about taking care of a fiddle leaf fig at The Inspired Room.

4.  Industrial Style Desk


CTHuliz shares instructions for constructing a slim profile, industrial style table similar to the one in Jon and Sherry’s Homearama office.  A table desk like this one is a great choice for a small space, since it doesn’t add bulk to the room.

5.  West Elm Kilim Rug Knockoff


I’ve learned that rugs can be expensive, so it’s great to be able to DIY them when you have a chance.  For My Love Of figured out how to knockoff the pink West Elm Torres Wool Kilim rug with an inexpensive rug and a Sharpie marker!

If you’d rather not get your hands dirty DIYing projects for an office like the one Jon and Sherry designed, no worries!  They list all the sources for this room here.  Click over to tour the rest of the house, too!

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