Style at Home blue and white laundry room numbered

Right now, it’s hot to decorate a room in neutrals like white, tan, or gray, and then accessorize with bright pops of color.  If you just want to stick your toe in  to test the waters of this trend, a small room is a good place to do that.  How about the laundry room?  Here’s a great example of a laundry room that blends a neutral pallet with bursts of rich color that I found at Style at Home.

Style at Home blue and white laundry room

As you can see, this laundry room uses shades of white for all of the built-in features, like cabinetry, paneling, shelves, and windows.  A gorgeous shade of sapphire blue takes center stage with some of the items that aren’t quite as permanent, like the appliances, the rug, and linens.  I find the contrast of the bright blue against a backdrop of white feels very energizing.  I like that it gives off a slightly beachy vibe in this room, without displaying any seashells or rope!  

Style at Home blue and white laundry room numbered

I’ve been able to find five tutorials from bloggers who figured out how to DIY some of the features of this room in their own homes.  Believe it or not, I even discovered a way to get a brightly colored washer and dryer without spending a small fortune!  Take a look at these great ideas for making your laundry room look this good on a budget.

Blue and White Laundry Collage

1.  Floating Corner Shelves

Sand and Sisal floating shelves


A great way to add storage in a small space, these floating corner shelves by Sand and Sisal are almost exactly like the ones in my inspiration photo!  They offer a pretty way to integrate everyday items like detergent, soap and towels into the room’s decor.

2.  White Cabinetry

Jones Design Co painting laundry cabinets

Even if the cabinets in your laundry room didn’t start out white, painting them is a great option.  Or maybe you are adding cabinetry to your space, and want to save by buying pre-finished stock cabinetry.  That’s what Jons’ Design Company did, offering lots of tips on how to paint them.

3. Mudroom Bench with Drawers

The Charming Nest mudroom bench

Mudroom benches like the one in my inspiration photo are the stuff of dreams, aren’t they?  Well, it’s possible for them to be reality, now, thanks to this tutorial from The Charming Nest that turns Ikea Hemnes tables into a gorgeous built-in mudroom bench.

4.  Striped Rug

Home Stories A2Z painted rug

Home Stories A to Z offers an excellent tutorial to help you turn an inexpensive flat weave rug into a bright, striped work of art for your floor.  Perfect for adding a pop of color to a neutral space!

5.  Painted Washer and Dryer

Killer B Designs painted washer

You can start fresh by buying a new washer and dryer in a bright color like the cobalt blue set in my inspiration photo…but fun colors usually cost more than the basics.  Or….you can read about how Killer B. Designs painted their existing appliances the bright color they wanted for only $10!  (FYI…I found several other tutorials specifically for front loading sets when I searched “diy paint washer and dryer“.)

What do you think?  Would you be brave enough to paint an appliance to get a bright pop of color in your laundry room or kitchen?  Which part of the laundry room in my inspiration photo would you most like to have?

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  1. Maybe using some of these amazing ideas in my laundry room would make me actually WANT to do some laundry 🙂 Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

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