Veranda inspiration bath pic1

I think most of us have torn a photo of a gorgeous room from a magazine at some point in our lives…especially before Pinterest!  You might have a file box where you put your favorites, a notebook, or maybe you even taped it to the wall of a room you were getting ready to redo.  Here’s a dreamy bathroom from Veranda magazine that is definitely worthy of a tear out.  It’s a bright, airy room with tons of storage, a gorgeous soaking tub, and elegant chandeliers.

Veranda inspiration bath pic

Getting a bathroom exactly like this could require a major remodel (and major moolah!).  On the other hand, you could figure out a way to achieve a similar look and feel in your own space with DIY projects.  Once again, I’ve challenged myself to find as many tutorials as I can to replicate elements of this inspiration photo.

Veranda bath numbered

1.  Trimmed Wood Tub Surround

In My Own Style wood tub surround

Being clad in wood instead of typical tile really softens the look of this tub.  There’s a fantastic tutorial at In My Own Style for adding decorative molding to a standard tub.

2.  Bench Seating

Roadkill Rescue bench

There are a lot of furniture pieces out there that can be repurposed into benches, like this one.  Featured at Roadkill Rescue, this bench used to be a media console.

3.  Chandelier for Less

It's Overflowing chandelier makeover

New chandeliers can be expensive.  Dated brass chandliers at the thrift store are not.  It’s Overflowing shares how a brass chandelier can get a new lease on life with a few coats of spray paint.

4.  Storage Within Bathroom Walls

Remodelaholic bathroom storage

The space between wall studs has some seriously untapped potential.  Check out a tutorial for maximizing wall storage space at Remodelaholic.

5.  Update Cabinetry with Paint

House of Smiths painting sink

My inspiration photo owes much of it’s light, airy feel to all the white, like the woodwork and cabinetry.  The House of Smiths demonstrates how to paint a vanity.

What’s your favorite part of this room?

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  1. I love the idea of storage “inside” the wall. We have a very small bathroom (and it’s the only one in our house), so space is at a premium. I will definitely be looking into this one. And I love the beadboard paneling look on the wall and the tub. Beadboard always reminds me of the beach. That’s how I want my bathroom to feel; like a getaway that allows you to relax.

  2. Thanks for breaking this look down into DIY friendly projects…we’re working on our bathroom at the moment and this definitely gave me some food for thought. The tile has to be my favorite part of the room. So shiny!

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