Christmas Kitchen Collage

Too early for Christmas?  Maybe just a little–but seriously, there are so many things I love about this kitchen that have nothing to do with seasonal decor, so I had to share it with you.  This kitchen, featured by At Home In Arkansas, was designed by Tobi Fairley and her mother, Beverly Wells.  It was a labor of love, since it is Beverly’s own kitchen, and her family loves to gather here during the holidays.

At Home in Arkansas kitchen inspiration

Like I said, the seasonal decor here is fresh and fun, but there are a lot of other great things about this kitchen, too.  The pretty blue cupboards are an eye-catching departure from traditional cabinetry that gives the small space a big personality.  Using a table, instead of an island, in the center of the kitchen really makes this a gathering spot.  And look at how much light fills this space!  As far as the touches of Christmas in this room go, I think it’s interesting that the accent color of choice was bright green instead of red–that choice really keeps things looking fresh.

At Home in Arkansas kitchen inspiration numbered

I found some really great tutorials to recreate parts of this Christmas kitchen.  Some are perfect for holiday decor, but most can be used year round to get your kitchen looking as bright and welcoming as this one.  Enjoy!

Christmas Kitchen Collage

1.  DIY Pine Wreath

The Cavender Diary diy wreath

I really love the look of traditional wreaths hung in front of a kitchen window–I’m hoping to do something like this myself, this year.  So I was delighted to find a tutorial at The Cavender Diary that made it look like this is something I might be able to make myself. 

2.  Winter Paperwhites

An Extraordinary Day paperwhites

The natural green and white that all the blooming paperwhites bring into this kitchen decor is really beautiful–definitely something to bring cheer to wintry days!  Learn how to grow your own at An Extraordinary Day.  (Great gift idea, by the way, you’re welcome.)

3.  Refinished Kitchen Table

Sweet Pickins Furniture two tone table

The neutral table in this space lets the colorful cabinetry shine.  Sweet Pickins explains how painting a table white made a difference in the way her kitchen looked, too.

4.  Blue Cabinetry

Artsy Chicks Rule duck egg blue kitchen

The cabinets are definitely a focal point in this kitchen, thanks to their lovely Wedgewood blue color.  Artsy Chicks Rule found that Annie Sloan’s “Duck Egg” chalk paint produces a similar shade of blue.

5.  Roman Shades

Me and My DIY roman shade

The roman shades on the windows in my inspiration photo are really lovely.  See how Me and My DIY made a very similar shade. 

Does your kitchen get dressed up for the holidays, or do you do most of your decorating in other parts of the house?  And I’m curious, are colorful cabinets in your future?

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  1. How awesome to find my wreath tutorial here…….come see how easy it is, and practically free too.

  2. Thanks Beckie! There are a few tutorials I will be checking out. Still waiting on window treatments (replacements) until I find the easiest fabric shade idea. I have been meaning to do paperwhites for YEARS!!! Why do I always put it off?? I love decorating with simplicity for the holidays. I love the wreaths at the windows! Probably why I have three 16″ preserved boxwood wreaths (and a few smaller on the way) for year round decorating. This kitchen is super sweet and I would never choose light blue cabinetry but would sure feel cozy and at home in this kitchen!

  3. Thank you Beckie for including my kitchen island! I love all that you’ve put together here. 🙂 Can’t wait to browse through all the links & ideas you’ve shared!


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