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Work got you down?  Singing the office blues?  Well, if you work at home, maybe it’s time to stop singing the blues and start painting your office….in shades of blue!  I recently read that people are more productive in blue rooms.  Interestingly, the color blue actually aids in concentration.  So if you want to get more done in less time, I suggest taking cues from this beautiful office designed by JLV Creative.

Blue Office Inspiration

This office has lots of bright pops of energizing color and pattern, but blue is definitely the dominant shade.  The furniture is white and pretty minimalist, letting the colors in the room become the main focus.  I like the way patterns and textures are mixed in this room to create an eclectic feel without the room getting cluttered.


This room is definitely one that you could replicate in your own home–even if if you don’t have a dedicated office space.  Take a look at the five different tutorials I’ve found to get the look of this pretty blue office for less.


1. Statement Lighting


The light in my inspiration photo is an Ikea favorite–such a favorite that it is often sold out!  A fun alternative is this pendant light at Parlour, made from a paper lantern and coffee filters.

2.  DIY Art


Beautiful art doesn’t have to be expensive, and if there’s a color you love, you can use shades of it to create your own custom work of art.  Check out an example of art-made-easy at Young House Love.

3.  Minimalist Desk



Don’t know if the desk in my inspiration photo is from Ikea or not, but there’s definitely one at Ikea that looks just like it!  I think it would be fun to add a little gold shimmer to the legs, like Burlap & Lace did to this Ikea desk.

4.  Ombre Curtains


Shore Society has a fantastic tutorial for turning inexpensive white panels into stunning ombre curtains by dip dying them.  This DIY project is a real money saver; similar curtains at Anthropologie go for more than $150 per panel!

5.  DIY Patterned Floor Rug


I featured this gorgeous painted rug from Upcycled Treasures at Roadkill Rescue, recently.   It’s really hard to believe this started out as a plain, beige area rug, isn’t it?  If you love the black and white rug in my inspiration photo, they have a tutorial for a black and white rug made with a Sharpie marker, too!

What do you think–can color really increase your productivity?  Is a home office something that you dream of?  If you are making plans for an office, I’d love to hear what is inspiring you.  Are you focusing on furnishings, storage, or color?

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