Aqua Bedroom Look for Less

Those of you following me on Instagram may have already heard the news:  we closed on our new house!  We’ve got the keys in hand and the real craziness has just begun.  It’s a lot of work, but–as anyone who has moved knows–there’s something really exciting about making new spaces yours.  We left behind a home and rooms that we’d put a lot of ourselves into, and I look forward to doing the same here.  Naturally, I can’t help looking for inspiration everywhere.  This pretty room from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes that was featured by The Project Girl definitely caught my eye.


I love the soft, aqua blue, the stunning accent wall, and the bright pops of coral in this bedroom.  There are so many textures, from the gathered comforter to the sculpted flowers on those ultra-feminine lamps.  The combinations of colors, patterns, and designs make this a really interesting space that deserves more than a second look.

Aqua Bedroom Look for Less

I looked for tutorials online that can help anyone replicate the look of this aqua bedroom.  Check out the following 5 Ways to Get this Look.


1.  Focal Wall

stenciled-focoal wall-aqua

The focal wall in my inspiration wall has some gorgeous wallpaper.  Wallpaper can be a pricey option, so if you want to save some money, try stenciling.  I love the way this stenciled focal wall turned out at Rosemary on the TV.

 2. Sculpted Floral Lamp

large flower vase diy

I couldn’t find a tutorial for a lamp exactly like this one, but Less-Than-Perfect-Life-of-Bliss has a great idea for adding a sculpted flower to a vase.  (You’ll never believe what the flower is made of!)  I am pretty sure you could add it to a lamp for an equally stunning effect.

3.  Silver Leaf Dresser


The beautiful silver dresser adds a touch of glam to the bedroom in my inspiration photo.  Check out a tutorial for applying silver leaf to a thrifted dresser at Little Green Notebook.

4. Zebra Print Rug


The animal print rug in my inspiration room adds another subtle texture to the room, plus give what could be an overly sweet space a little bit of edge.  Vintage Revivals shows you how to actually make a very similar rug yourself.

5.  Waterfall Vanity


What girl hasn’t dreamed of having her own pretty vanity?  Storywood Designs offers tips for refinishing a waterfall vanity like the one in my inspiration room.

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