5 Ways to Entertain Kids this Summer

School’s out and while it can be awesome to have a break from all of the homework and obligations that keep us busy while school is in session, as any mom or dad knows, summer vacation isn’t all that relaxing if you’ve got bored and cranky kids with a little too much time on their hands.  That’s a bad combination!  Our best defense against boredom is a great offense, right?  This week, I’ve found some low-cost activities that take minutes to make but produce hours of fun for your children.  Bust boredom and have a blast with these 5 Ways to Entertain Kids this Summer.

1.  Water Play

Here’s a way to beat the nothin’ to do blues and the summertime heat!  Prairie Daze shows how to use PVC pipe to make custom sprinklers in crazy shapes.  Add a few toys and you’ve got your own splash park!

2.  Bombs Away

This tutorial from Whipperberry is for a sponge bomb.  What a fun addition to the splash park!   Kids could have a lot of fun tossing a silly, water-logged ball around outside on a hot day.

3.  Backup Plans

Not every summer day is sunny, which is why it’s always good to have backup plans for indoor entertainment.  At Home With Natalie shares a darling castle made from cardboard boxes.  This is a fun project that the kids can help design and personalize!

4.  Too Cool for School

Counting Coconuts has a great idea for providing fun and cooling down at the same time.  This toy-filled ice block is a great way to keep kids occupied for hours.

5.  Summertime Glow

Summer fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.   Forget about bedtime and let the kids run around outside in the dark with these amazing glow-in-the-dark bubbles.   Find out how to make them at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

So, what’s your summertime strategy?  Do you have any favorite tricks for keeping your kids busy over summer vacation?

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  1. Grat ideas for grandma’s too! I look through the paper and church bulletins and find one free activity that I can enjoy with the little one’s each week.

  2. Cute ideas, especially the ice block, I would have been the kid watching the ice melt waiting for the toys! Probably blowing on it to speed up the process.

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