mexican cobb salad

While a piping hot, savory beef stew is exactly what we want placed before us in steaming bowls on a chilly winter’s eve, it’s not exactly welcome during the heat of the summer.  During this year’s last heat wave, slaving over a hot stove was the last thing I wanted to do.  Lighter, fresher fare is what I crave during the summertime, and I’m not alone in that.  With summer’s bounty overflowing in gardens and produce stands, this is the perfect time to enjoy salads as an entree.  Here are five salads capable of leaving the sidelines to become star players on your summer menu.

1.  Gorgonzola Pear with Candied Pecans

gorgonzola pear salad with candied pecans

Kami shares this yummy toss at No Biggie.  With the added crunch of candied pecans, it’s sure to be a hit.  You’ll appreciate Kamie’s extra guidance for getting those pecans just right.

2.  Mexican Shrimp Cobb  

This pretty layered entree salad comes from Gina at Skinny Taste.  Aren’t those colors gorgeous?  Packed with 28 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, this is one meal that is as good for you as it looks.  Check out Gina’s recipe for Creamy Cilatro Tomatillo Dressing–it’s the perfect acompaniment.

3.  Asian Wonton  

Our Best Bites offers a delicious twist on a classic side with this Asian Wonton Salad.  It’s a perfect way to use up leftover cooked or grilled chicken.  The dressing sounds divine, and I love the idea of fried wontons to add a crispy, authentic Asian flair to this dish.

4.  Raspberry Chicken with Grilled Peaches

Annie’s Eats combines some of the very tastiest treats of the summer on one plate with this eye-catching mix.  We’ve probably all enjoyed raspberries and spinach before, but throwing in grilled peaches and chicken?  Genius!

5.  Christy’s Colorful Salad

What do I like best about salads?  I get to enjoy the fruits of my labors in our vegetable garden when I make one!  My friend Christy shared this salad recipe with me that has become one of  my favorite ways to use our garden lettuce.

I hope seeing these gorgeous plates of fresh food has inspired you to enjoy the lighter fare of summer.  What’s your favorite way to enjoy summer veggies?

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