Creme de la Craft ombre vase

The other day, when I showed you my surfer subway art, I admitted that I’m pretty much crushing on the whole ombre trend. If you are unsure about what ombre is exactly, I’m about to fill you in.

The word “ombre” is a French word that means “shaded.” In fashion and decor, it’s used to describe items that have been dyed or painted in graduating shades of color–from light to dark or from dark to light.  Like this:


The ombre look is pretty much a dream come true for a person like me who has a giant collection of paint chips. Have you ever had a quartet of shades on a paint chip and can’t decide which one to use for your next project because you love. every. single. one?

Hello, ombre! It’s your chance to use every shade to get one gorgeous look!

Take a look at how the following bloggers did just that, with these five simple yet exciting ways to do ombre.

5 ways to do ombre

1.  With Paint Sticks

The tutorial for this cute frame made from ombre paint sticks comes from Sweet Charli.  Love that color!

2.  With Glass

Ombre With glass

I think this juice jug turned vase from Creme de la Craft  is one of my favorite takes on this trend. It’s such a fun marriage of old (the vintage shape of the jug) and new (the ombre color).

3.  With Yarn

Ombre with yarn

Catch My Party wrapped varying shades of yarn around a wooden letter to create an ombre look.

This is a great idea for a little girls’s room or even wedding decor.  (I’m thinking a monogram by the guestbook…hmmm.)

4.  With a Light

You’ve probably seen pictures of the ombre Ikea dresser already, but this is the first time I’ve seen ombre on something else from Ikea.  Picket Fence Design reinterpreted the popular Maskros light with ombre color–love it!

5.  With Cake

I’ve seen a lot of pretty cakes on Pinterest that have been frosted to get an ombre effect.  It looks gorgeous, but tricky.  Baking With Blondie created pretty ombre cakes that look easy enough for me to try making.  Wouldn’t these be perfect for a little girl’s party or a fancy tea?

Have you fallen in love with ombre, yet?

Let me know if you’ve made a project recently with an ombre color effect–I’d love to see it!

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  1. Did you read my post….? I did a Ombre’ dresser that sold last saturday…..and then I did a post again last night…using similar techniques….I guess I could use the old quote. Brilliant minds think alike…yes very fun technique to do. With Annie Sloan chalk paint, a little white…I will also say a sweet gal at Lowes was kind enough to make little paint pot samples of 5 shades of Aqua that I used on the dresser…and then again on 3 other pieces. So great post and examples you are on my side bar…thanks for inspirations….

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