brooch clothespin display board

I absolutely loved the Instagram photo display board that Carmel from Our Fifth House shared here this week.  It definitely got my wheels turning!  How many of us have great pics of our kids, pets, friends, or events that we’ve shared on Instagram, but then forgotten?  Think how much fun it would be to display those moments in your home, just like Carmel did!

brooch clothespin display board

There are some great ideas and tutorials floating around out there that will provide you with even more incentives to download your Instagrams and put them where Grandma will get to see them.  Speaking of Grandma…any of these ideas would make a great gift idea for her!  And the fun thing is, most of the projects I found will take little more than an instant to finish.  Well, okay, maybe a few hours, but still–easy peasy!  Enjoy these 5 Ways to Display Your Instagram Photos.

1.  Blocks


Not only would this idea make a fantastic gift, it would be great for table decorations at a bridal or baby shower!  Intimate Weddings shows you how to make these wooden photo blocks.

2.  Labeled Collage


IHeart Organizing found these small, square frames for just $1, unfinished, at the craft store.  After painting, cute metal label holders were added to give them even more personality.  Grouped in a grid, they are perfect for displaying Instagram pictures.

3.  Magnetic Wall


No need for frames with this Instagram Display!  House Tweaking rolled on magnetic primer to before painting this hall wall.  Using Stickygram to produce magnetic versions of their Instagram photos, they use the magnetic wall to display the photos in fun ways.

4.  Oversize Frames


Placing a tiny photo inside a large mat and frame can really have a lot of impact, if you do it right.  I like the way Young House Love displayed tiny square photos on textured, neutral fabric inside these square Ikea Ribba frames.  Grouped together, they make a stunning collage.

5.  Framed Clothesline


Thrifted frames make a great base for the “clothesline” style of Instagram displays.  I’ve seen quite a few of these, but this one from Goodwillionaire is one of my favorites.  Something about the combination of ornate frame and mini clothespins just makes me smile.

Have you already found a way to display your favorite Instagram pictures?  Or are you waiting for inspiration to strike?  Do you have something on your Instagram feed you’d like to share?  Let me know who you are on Instagram in the comments!  You can find me as infarrantlycreative on Instagram.

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