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School has started, and I’m loving all the things my little guy brings home to show me at the end of every day.  He writes his name on every one of them, and I just love seeing that.  There’s just something so precious about seeing a child’s name written in wobbly letters.  Names are a big deal.  I think it is such an important milestone when my kids recognize their initials, and an even bigger deal when they can print all the letters of their names themselves.

Over the last few years, designers and decorators have decided that letters are pretty special, too.  Typography and monograms are popping up everywhere as art, and I think it’s a pretty fun trend to follow.  Check out all the ways that my fellow bloggers have found to turn letters into art in today’s post.

1.  Anthro Knock Off

If you’ve fallen in love with the zinc letters from Anthropologie, too, then you must check out this tutorial from 346 Living.  There are instructions for spray painting inexpensive paper mache letters to look like zinc or gold leaf.

2.  Mixed Media

At I’ll Get You My Pretties, Kristy was having a hard time finding a big enough piece of artwork for a certain wall in her home.  This resourceful gal figured out how to create an eye-catching piece of letter art simply using a canvas and….wait for it…washers from Home Depot.

3.  Framed to Perfection

I love the way the letter “G” is framed within an eye-catching mirror in the foyer at Vintage Revivals.  It’s a trick that makes both items really pop, giving them a lot of decorative oomph.

4.  Letters Uncorked

This letter made out of old corks is so fun to look at.  It’s very textural.  And the tutorial provided at {OC Cottage} is just hilarious–a great sense of humor went into the making of this monogram!

5.  Letter Collage

Collage walls are very much a current design trend.  It’s fun to see how two decorating trends can become one pretty statement when they get combined.  I think letter collages like this one at Jones Design Company and this one at I’m Busy Procrastinating are great examples of this.

Do you like to display typography or monograms in your home?  Do you have any letters on your walls?  If you need more inspiration, check out this letter tutorial that I posted earlier in the year.

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