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One of the biggest crafting supply sensations of the last year is a Japanese import known as washi tape.  Made from sheer paper, washi tape comes in an almost limitless array of colors and patterns.  It’s easy to tear by hand, you can write on it, and it comes in different widths.  Crafty ladies have been going nuts with it on cards, scrapbooks, banners, and other paper crafts.  Recently, I’ve started seeing it pop up in home decor projects, too.  At first it was just to add a little color to containers or clipboards, but the washi phenomenon is really taking off inside the homes of creative minds, everywhere.  And why shouldn’t it?  Even though it adheres to surfaces easily and stays put there, washi tape can be removed without difficulty and even reused!  It used to be available only through online shops, but washi tape is hitting the mainstream, now, with stores like Target offering rolls at just $1 each.  What’s not to love about a material that’s cheap, pretty to look at, and can be used more than once in many different ways?  If that description alone hasn’t convinced you to find some washi tape of your own, then check out these 5 Ways to Decorate with Washi Tape.   

1.  Lighting

At It All Started with Paint, Linda had a novel approach to personalizing a drum shade.  She used washi tape to line the inside of the shade.  I love this idea for a shade that is up high in a room, since people below will be able to look up and see something interesting.

2.  Clock

Jen of Tatertots and Jello made this cute, colorful clock with her washi tape.  She turned each of 12 different tape patterns to replace the numbers for a funky look.

3.  Curtains

Who knew?!?  Washi tape can be used in fabric decor projects, too.  The 36th Avenue‘s Desiree ironed it on to her new kitchen valance to create a delightful, patterned trim.  Easy, peasy!

4.  Walls

If wallpaper and stencils are too much trouble, but you still want a pattern on your wall, Jenny has the perfect solution for you at Little Green Notebook.  She created this patterned faux-wallpaper with–you guessed it!–washi tape.

5.  Artwork

Sarah Hearts washi tape so much that she turned it into artwork.  Check out this fun gallery wall she created with just a few canvases and her colorful collection of washi tapes.

The possibilities are endless!  What have you done–or what do you want to do–with washi tape?





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  1. Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of washi tape (I know. I must have been living under a rock.) Now I see it everywhere. I wanted some then, but now that I know you can use it on fabric I REALLY want some. No. Make that NEED some! Thank you for sharing these great ideas. I know I’m going to have some fun with this stuff!

  2. Beckie,

    Thanks for including my lampshade in this round-up! The washi tape was the easiest part of that project … so easy to work with. I’m thrilled that it’s now available at Target too. I need to get on my next washi project … and your post has given me some inspiration …



  3. I have been wondering what washi tape was. I have seen the name. Thank you for sharing the inspirations with it. I really like it on the wall.

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