Today’s Five Ways Saturdays post is from Arcadian Lighting, a resource for beautiful light fixtures. She’s sharing five ways to use shutters inside beyond using them as window treatments. There are so many clever DIYers out there creating amazing projects with old shutters. Let’s take a look.

5 ways o decorate with shutters

Shutters in Design

Martha Stewart via

Oh the team at Martha Stewart is so clever: shutters used as an organizer. It’s great for mail, notes, bills and other papers. The shutters provide the perfect slots when hung with the slots going up, not down. You could custom paint the shutters to match or stand out against your existing wall color. Great for a kitchen or mudroom, or even a home office.

Shutters in Design

Ruche via

Another take on using shutters for a home office or organizer–this one from Ruche. This time the shutters can fold closed to conceal a bulletin board. Great for hiding the clutter and creating a streamlined space. Again, you could paint the wooden shutters any color to match your décor. Or find used shutters that show their age for a vintage look. Don’t forget to have enough lamps to light illuminate the space while you’re working.

Shutters in Design

My Home Ideas via

Love this idea of using shutters as room dividers. This clever installation from My Home Ideas has the shutters pivot to allow total or partial privacy between the rooms. If this project is too advanced, using tall shutters to create a folding screen or portable room divider might be easier. A few hinges bought at the hardware store and you’d be good to go.

Shutters in Design

HGTV via

An inventive use for tall shutters is making a headboard. This coastal cottage style shutter headboard project can be found on HGTV. The wonderful thing about a shutter headboard is you can customize the size by adding more shutters. Love the weathered look.

Shutters in Design

Olive and Love via

An entire wall of shutters… what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Olive and Love offers this tutorial. A wall of shutters in different shapes and colors gives this room a coastal/shabby chic vibe. The shutters become an interesting work of art that is very architectural.

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  1. haha that last one reminds me of Monsters Inc. movie. that’s funne. love these ideas, especially the ones you can actually close all your notes and everything in when done.

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