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No longer reserved just for used car lots and carnivals, pennant flags have recently come into their own in the world of crafts and home decor.  Traditionally, these colorful triangles were often embellished with mascots or symbols, and first used to adorn sailing ships in the eighteenth century.  The little flags became popular emblems on land for team sports and school spirit, then eventually were manufactured from plastic for more temporary outdoor uses.  The latest obsession with the pennant banner has us seeing them all over shelter magazines and the internet, crafted from bright fabrics or papers in sizes ranging from miniature to large.  This week, enjoy viewing five fun ways I’ve discovered to incorporate the pennant banner trend into your decor.

1.  As a centerpiece

This fun centerpiece comes just in time for the change of seasons, from Embellishing Life Everyday.   These pennant flags are dressed for fall, with their seasonal paper choices and rustic twigs.  I love the use of corn as a base.

2.  On a blanket

Britt from Gus + Lula  colorful pennants onto simple white blankets to create graphic and colorful crib bedding.  Check out her delightful fabric choices and great instructions for sewing your own version.

3.  In an embroidery hoop

This darling keepsake was made by Gwen of Gwenny Penny as a baby shower gift.  She used fabric scraps from the baby’s handcrafted bedding to craft the pretty mini pennants on this meaningful piece of artwork.

4.  As wall art

The Audzipan Anthology‘s Audrey painted canvases and topped them with pennant banners for an eye-catching, textural art grouping in her little one’s nursery.  I like how the paper pennants aren’t completely attached to the canvases, adding dimmension to the bright display.

5.  Around a lampshade

The pennants strung around this fanciful lamp were made by Jenn over at Redberry Barn.  Adding a delightfully unexpected pop of color to the lamp, these pennants add a lot of visual interest to the rustic burlap shade.  You’ll love finding out more about the making of this lamp…wait until you learn what the base was, originally!

Are you having as much fun with the pennant craze as I am?  Where are you going to hang a string of flags, this fall?

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  1. You put a huge smile on my face!!! Just this morning I was thinking, “OH, I guess I can’t do anything else with banners cuz summer is over. sigh” and THEN… you post these adorable ideas! THANK YOU!

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