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Gallery walls are a fun trend that have been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve been working on one for Denise’s home, and I had so much fun with hers that I put up a mini gallery in my own house.   There’s something really satisfying about being able to group images that you love all together in one place for your family and guests to enjoy.  It’s like spreading out an entire album on the wall.  I also love that gallery walls can be so random.  You don’t necessarily have to find frames that are all the same style and size or group them in perfect symmetry.  I’ve seen some really terrific layouts for these displays that use a variety of frames and styles.  It’s decor  that can be ultra budget friendly, letting us reuse the old frames we already have or finding them on the cheap at thrift stores and dollar markets.  There are lots of great gallery wall examples out there, but today I’m sharing five with you that show just how versatile these art displays can be.

1.  On Shelves

This gallery wall at Tidbits from the Tremaynes makes use of classic gallery shelving that was DIYed  for far less than similar looks in the Pottery Barn Catalog.  Notice how the frames are all different, but the pictures are all classic black and white.

2.  Without Frames

Lots of gallery walls make use of frames to create visual interest, but this wall at Just Be Blogged demonstrates that you really can just let good photography be the star of your gallery.  (Click over to learn more about “frameless” frames.)

3.  Thematically

At 71 Toes, all of the photos in this gallery were taken on family vacation.  The other thing I love about this gallery is the way old windows were repurposed for the display, instead of frames.

4.  High and Wide

A gallery wall became the perfect focal point in a big room with a very high ceiling.  These pictures are very eclectic, but the similar colors and interesting grouping really make them work together in Decor Chick‘s home.

5.  Floor to Ceiling

One of the most talked about gallery walls out there is this one at Young House Love.  They really committed to the gallery style, hanging their collection almost all the way to the floor, and it looks amazing.

Do you have a gallery wall?  What do you think some of the best ideas are for creating gallery wall displays?  I’d love to hear your tips, since I am making plans for a large scale gallery wall in my home.

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  1. I love the wall by Young House Love! I had just gotten our gallery wall aka distraction from the T.V. wall figured out when our youngest came in and practically begged to have the center piece hung in his artless bedroom…. and yes I gladly moved it into his room! (and he was none the wiser about my plans to hang it in the family room because i knew if i said anything he would tell me to go ahead and use it…. and i am really, really happy that he has finally found something that he wants to grace the walls of his room!) All that to say… thank you for the inspiration! I know exactly what I am going to do now!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post! I love gallery walls. My favorite tip for hanging gallery walls is to create newspaper templates the same size as each frame and tape them to the wall to visualize the arrangement before you nail. Then, you can nail right through the paper if you measure accurately. In general, I’m a fan of keeping all of the frames the same color (but not necessarily matching styles). I’ve seen folks who can “pull off” the wildly mismatched look, but I think it’s tougher to do.

  3. These are all such great examples for gallery walls. You gave me a good idea for my family room! Thanks for the inspiration!

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